YouTube Music enables in-app lyrics feature for Android and iOS

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The time when the entire world is fighting with Coronavirus, Youtube has a plan to cheer you up. Now you can listen and sing along at the same as Youtube Music rolls out in-app lyrics feature. This feature is available for both Android and iOS. So whether you are a free or paid user, you will be able to enjoy this service anyway. Youtube Music also launched a playback screen feature a few days ago. Now it has finally taken the form of in-app lyrics for everyone. 

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YouTube Music Now Shows Lyrics

Now you don’t need to fire up your browser separately for the lyrics. Just open the Youtube Music app and tap the (i) button underneath the video you are watching. Then you can manually scroll through the lyrics. It might be possible that the lyrics are not available right now for some videos. But mostly, you can enjoy this service that will improve your listening experience. 

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One reason why you might not see the lyrics is that it was not posted by the artists or the record labels. Since this feature has just started rolling out, you can expect to see this in full effect soon. What do you guys think of this feature? Are you a frequent YT Music user? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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