YouTube limits streaming quality to 480p in India due to congestion

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It was previously decided by Youtube to limit streaming quality to Standard Definition. This step was ideated in order to manage the network congestion anticipated due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now as the entire nation goes in a state of 21-day lockdown, Youtube has indeed done its bit. The company has decided to limit streaming quality to 480p in India. 

YouTube Limits Streaming in India

This drastic approach from the streaming giant comes days after the 21-day lockdown. Many reports have started appearing from viewers especially in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. People have taken this to social platforms and reported that they can’t access the option to stream in HD. Some users are still able to stream in HD. But soon they also won’t get this option. 

This change applies to both Premium and regular viewers. But fortunately, can you watch videos in HD on your desktop. This change has been applicable to mobile users. Some might think that Youtube would have given the option for at least streaming in 720p. But we have to keep in mind that since everyone is at home right now, there will be a surge of data on the platform. 

This change will surely help in maintaining the experience of the viewers instead of just stopping it altogether. Are you noticing the change in your mobile app? Can you still stream in HD? Let us know in the comments.


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