You will finally be able to watch Netflix in HD on the Poco F1

POCO F1 - Rosso Red

When Xiaomi launched the Poco F1, it took the budget market by a storm. The Poco F1 comes equipped with the flagship Snapdragon 845 SoC, with a starting price of Rs. 20,000. At its price, the value for money quotient of the device is absolutely unbeatable. However, it is not like the device didn’t come with any compromises. Apart from the plastic body and extra curved screen, the biggest compromise was the lack of Widevine L1 support on the display. For those of you unaware, many streaming platforms like Prime Video and Netflix require Widevine L1 support to allow playback of HD content. As such, consumers could not playback any HD content on their smartphones from these services. Well, it seems like it is all about to change. Yes, that’s right. The Poco F1 has apparently gained support for Widevine L1.

Xiaomi Poco F1 get Widevine L1 support

As announced by C Manmohan, General Manager of Poco India, the Poco F1 is now Widevine L1 certified. The company will be rolling out an OTA update (version – 9.2.25) for beta users. He further notes that once the beta test is complete, the Widevine L1 certification will roll out in a stable update.

Do note that this does not mean that you will be able to watch Netflix in HD on your device right away. You see, Netflix had blacklisted the Poco F1 at the time of its launch. As such, with the new update, Netflix will first have to whitelist Poco to allow users to stream in Full HD quality. That said, you can enjoy HD content on Amazon Prime right away!

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