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Official Xiaomi Y1 Lite

While we told you about the Xiaomi Redmi Y1 a few minutes ago, there’s one more player in the battle of low-end phones. The other phone in the Y series which has been launched today is the Redmi Y1 Lite. 

Know each and everything about the Redmi Y1 here!

The phone has come out as the second important launch of the day. The Redmi Y1 was the first, MIUI 9 being the third and the brand new ambassador for the Y series being the fourth important part of today’s event. 


Redmi Y1 Lite and its specs

The Redmi Y1 Lite is an important part of the Y series by Xiaomi. The phone is as selfie centric as its fellow, the Redmi Y1. It has a 5 MP front camera sensor. The back camera is 13 MP with an LED flash and Phase Detection Auto Focus Technology or PDAF which helps the camera sensor by focussing instantly for a beautiful and crisp image.

Xiaomi Redmi Y1 Lite

The Redmi Y1 Lite is a good phone as it is loaded with a screen of 5.5″ which is again a big achievement on Xiaomi’s part. Xiaomi believes that the low-end smartphones in India do not have many options and when it comes to big screen and better display, there’s not even a single phone to rely upon. 

The phone will also have the MIUI 9 which will be stable after mid-November, as said by the company itself. The phone supports a separate slot for the microSD card along with the dual sim and that is one major feature, isn’t it?

The Redmi Y1 Lite will have a Snapdragon 425 processor and is graced with IR Blasters as well! It will have a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage which can be expanded up to 128 GB with an SD card.

Redmi Y1 Lite sim slots

Price and Availability

The Redmi Y1 Lite will cost you just INR 6,999/-. Xiaomi has kept Amazon as the exclusive partners and for this phone, you’ll have to wait for a few more days. It will be available on Amazon from November 8 and all the other retailers will have it in mid-November too.

Can’t wait to get yours?

Should you buy the Y series at all?

Xiaomi has played very smartly by putting so many features in its low-end phones. While it is easy to get overwhelmed with their features, it is necessary to know if you should prefer them at all.

According to us, the Redmi Note 4 and 4A can outperform the two phones from the Y series, any day. While the Redmi Y1 gives too much in too less, we’re still not sure about its reliability. On the other hand, the older phones have been tried and tested. To our satisfaction, they have performed well and we’re hoping that it will continue to do so.  

The Redmi Y1 and Y1 Lite

What is more interesting is the way Xiaomi has released this. It has been known that the Chinese company never runs two same range series simultaneously in the same market. This time, Xiaomi has made an exception with launching the Y series while the Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4A are already ruling that segment. This could mean that Xiaomi is about to launch the Note 5 pretty soon (and there have been rumors).

If this is true then you should either wait for a month to get the Note 5 or you should just stick to the Redmi 4A/ Note 4 for now. 

Do you agree with us on this? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more.

To find all the features of  Redmi Y1 Lite, click here!

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