Xiaomi showcases under-display camera tech; expected in 2021

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Recently, ZTE revealed the first device that will be mass-produced featuring an under-display camera, which will eliminate the need for a notch or a punch-hole. This has caused other brands to either file patents for the same kind of tech with different executions.

The latest to unveil their vision for the under-display camera tech is Xiaomi. The brand has showcased other versions of the under-display camera tech, but this time, they are ready to mass-produce the same and make it available for the masses. What do we know about this? Let us find out in brief. 

Xiaomi Under-display Camera Tech

Xiaomi today introduced the third generation of the under-display camera tech, which according to the brand is the best solution for this kind of tech with perfect display and selfies. In this 3rd gen version, the OLED screen is almost opaque, and, to achieve this level of transparency, a special kind of pixel arrangement has been adopted in the camera spot. This allows the screen to pass light through the gap area of sub-pixels.

In comparison to the common solutions of camera modules to the front, Xiaomi has doubled the number of pixels in both directions, achieving the same density and accuracy as that of a normal display. Also, the company states that due to this method and, with some special self-developed camera optimization algorithm. The output from the selfie sensor will be as good as any regular front camera. This technology will be available for mass production in 2021, meaning it will be implemented in the latest Xiaomi devices for 2021.

What are your thoughts on this kind of technology? Do you think this will be a sustainable solution that may get rid of punch-holes and notches for good? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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