Xiaomi is NOT working on a phone with Edge Sense feature


Xiaomi has been leading the Indian smartphone market in terms of shipping mobile units. With Samsung on top, Xaiomi is all set to overthrow the Korean company and set its monopoly. According to some speculations, Xiaomi is working on the Edge Sense feature in its phones. However, this has now been ridiculed because the feature which “proved” Edge Sense in Xiaomi is nothing but something which launched in 2015 on Xiaomi Mi 4!

Still, we can look deeper into the issue and see how the claim came to a halt.

What is an Edge Sense feature?

An Edge Sense (the term has ‘Sense’ in it due to HTC being the pioneer in the field) feature is quite an impressive one. It lets you squeeze the frame which triggers the phone to perform some functions. It is a growing trend and the number of phones with pressure sensitive frames is increasing day by day!

Edge Sense feature in HTC U11

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have this kind of frame and if a user squeezes it, the Google Assistant gets launched. HTC is the pioneer in this area since its UI is called Sense and it’s the first company to use this feature properly. The new Pixels are also using the feature extensively because they have been manufactured by HTC itself. The HTC U11, which was launched earlier this year has this feature and using it, you can access the frequently used apps and contacts. 

The recently launched HTC U11+ and HTC U11 Life have also been graced with this time-saving feature. 

Xiaomi and Edge Sense feature

A Xiaomi user recently came up with a revelation on his Mi 5 which “suggested” that Xiaomi phones do have some sort of Edge Sense present in them. The feature was found in the ‘Edge Control’ menu and by applying some pressure around the edges, he could go back to the previous screen or click a new photo!

Edge Sense is not coming on Xiaomi


The Mi 5 that he was using was running on the MIUI 8.2.2 and as far as everyone knows, the phone has not been graced with any sensors on the edges. It was thought to be a subtle hint that Xiaomi is working on the Edge Sense and it may roll out in its upcoming devices. 

The rumor mill also speculated that the Xiaomi Mi 7 would come in the first quarter of 2018. It is rumored to have dual cameras, full screen and a Snapdragon 845, which is all set to launch in early December this year.  

However, we have already told you that Xiaomi has no intention of entering the Edge Sense domain so, we will have to wait even more for the feature to show up on a Xiaomi phone.

What do you think about the Edge Sense feature? Is it more convenient? Let us know in the comments section below and keep following Mr. Phone through our app and website!

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