Xiaomi Mi Mix 2- Does it deserve the Mi Mix Name?

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced the very anticipated Mi Mix successor, the Mi Mix 2. However, since it was released, people were debating whether it deserves the Mi Mix name or not. That was likely due to the lack of new innovation the original Mi Mix had. Let’s check it out in more detail.

What is under the hood?


Whatever the reason is for the debate, it certainly is not the hardware. The Mi Mix 2, just like its predecessor, the Mi Mix 2 packs the latest and greatest in hardware. It has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which while not faster than Apple’s A11 Bionic, or even the A10 Fusion, it is certainly very fast. Exynos versions of the Note 8 and S8 might be a bit faster, but Xiaomi strikes back with lighter software, making the overall experience equal, if not better on the Mi Mix 2.

    We also can not forget to mention the ridiculous 8GB of RAM this phone has in its Special Edition. The only other phone that has this much RAM is the Oneplus 5. While it might not seem all that needed, it certainly is a novelty and a great way of future proofing.


    Like most of the other phones in 2017, the big selling point here is the display. The Mi Mix 2 rocks a 6” 1080p IPS display. While that might not look very high end on paper, it sure is in real life. The phone looks pretty great, despite having a slightly lower screen to body ratio than its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The new one also has an 18:9 aspect ratio, which makes it a lot more manageable with one hand.

Xiaomi Mi Mix2


    Oddly for a 2017 flagship, the Mi Mix 2 only has one rear camera. We have gotten very used to seeing dual cameras nowadays, it feels odd that a flagship does not have them. That does not have to be a bad thing, however. While it might not have 2x Optical Zoom or mesmerizing portrait shots, it does what it can do very well. The 12MP sensor out back manages to take rather beautiful photos, but nothing too special.

    The front camera is the same. It is nothing special but can take great photos. Like most of 2017s other phones, the front camera does not match the rear, but that is obviously not a big problem. Is it?


    At 3400 mAh, the Mi Mix 2 has a rather substantial battery. For the display of the phone, it should provide great battery life, and so it does. Not exactly revolutionary, the Mi Mix 2 has really good battery life and should last you a full day of moderate to relatively heavy use. Users reported around 5 hours of screen on time, give or take.


    The audio you get with the Mi Mix 2 is rather underwhelming. A glaring omission is the 3.5mm headphone jack. This means that whenever you want to listen to music via wired headphones, you would have to use the dongle. Alternatively, you can use USB Type-C headphones or wireless ones. Not a great deal.

     Things do not really get that much better with the speakers either. The speakers on the Mi Mix 2 are rather disappointing, especially at lower volumes. Not to say they are terrible, but they are just not that great.


    The Mi Mix 2 is a great phone, no doubt. The unique design is great, and it has a great performance in most categories. The problem is, it does not have that Mi Mix spirit in it. It seems as if the phone lacks innovation. It does not have any standout features. In fact, it blends in with the rest of 2017. For me, the Mi Mix 2 is a pass. Do you agree with me? Why or Why not? Make sure to tell me in the comments below, I would love to know your opinion! 




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