Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition’s transparent back: is it real or fake?

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition

Yesterday, when Xiaomi released the Explorer Edition of its Mi 8 flagship smartphone, they couldn’t have anticipated the controversy that will follow. The brand – that is on almost every industry expert’s radar – claimed that its Mi 8 Explorer Edition comes with a transparent back panel.

Xiaomi fans sitting online were quite happy and amused with all the visual flair on offer. On top of kickass hardware internal specifications, the alluring rear back of the Mi 8 could actually be fake. Well, at least that is what most of the experts claimed on social media.

Mi 8 Explorer Edition

What is the controversy on Mi 8 Explorer Edition?

The controversy sparked when Chengming Alpert tweeted that the back of this device is a mere sticker. And there was a good reason behind this claim. Have you ever seen the internal hardware so pretty on any smartphone? No, you can’t, because it’s not a pretty picture. Most of the times phone internals is engineered for efficiency, but not for beauty. Take a look at this picture of the Yu Yureka from a few years ago. 

Yu Yureka

As if the whole picture wasn’t suspicious enough, Xiaomi decided to put its component in a very odd fashion. Which if you ask an industry expert, they could tell you that is not how a smartphone internal is arranged and supposed to look like. You could see all the main board chips arrayed together at the top section of the phone. Funny thing is, they’re even labeled.  

“Why MIUI 10 does have a mention on the circuit board? Suspicious enough!”

Trying to soften the blow a little, Xiaomi released a comment to The Verge that the rear back panel isn’t just a mere sticker, but they are actual physical components that are part of the main board.

If there is any truth to Xiaomi’s claim even after the backlash on Twitter, then they should send a unit to JerryRigEverything or iFixit. So, that we can learn what’s what? Whether that alluring transparent rear back is a real or just a placeholder to make it look cool.  

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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