Xiaomi just launched its Y series; know all about the Redmi Y1 here.

Redmi Y1 by Xiaomi

Xiaomi, the unspoken king of the Indian smartphone market has come up with the Redmi Y1 series launched today. No, we are not joking and each of this launch is as interesting as the previous one. The launch event happened in Mumbai and throughout the event, you could hear the crowd of real-time customers cheering!

Now that’s a spectacle.

Coming back to the launches, November 2 marks a very important day in the history of Xiaomi in India. The Y series of phones have finally arrived and we just cannot keep calm! Read about Redmi Y1 launch below:


The Xiaomi Y series is basically a selfie focussed one and you can expect a lot of camera details right here. 

Redmi Y1 by Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Redmi Y1 is a phone which focusses on clicking better pictures, especially selfies, in low light conditions. While the other smartphones in this segment have poor camera resolutions, Redmi Y1 has given a special attention to all our selfie needs! With this phone, Xiaomi has launched its first ever LED light which proves to be a boon in low light situations.

Front camera of Redmi Y1

The front camera is a whopping 16 MP with a f/2.0 lens aperture and we’re sure that all your selfies will now be called ‘masterpieces’ by your pals. The front camera comes loaded with a beautifying mode with various ways of improving your looks in the pictures. 

The Redmi Y1 has done its best by adding features like Pixel Binning for decreasing the picture noise. While you click a picture, multiple noises fall on the camera sensor, hence creating an unimpressive selfie. With Pixel Binning, the Redmi Y1 creates a Superpixel, which is basically all these noises imposed together so that the selfies are better in every way and don’t look distorted.

Selfie Comparison


Due to Pixel Binning, you get a better, sharper photo which certainly makes you fall in love with yourself. Along with Pixel Binning, the phone comes loaded with catchlights. Catchlights are those shiny tinges in the eyes of professional models which make their eyes and hence, the whole picture alive. This feature will add a depth to an otherwise ordinary picture.

Xiaomi focussed on showing off their potential with telling us all these details and hey, it is justified! The white balance of the Y1 is perfect and it has a tuned software and hardware for stunning selfies. The front camera also has a selfie countdown and we’re just surprised with so much packed in just a small camera!

Rear Camera and other specs of Redmi Y1

The rear camera of the Redmi Y1 is a mixed bag with a 13 MP camera sensor and Phase Detection Auto Focus technology (commonly known as PDAF). The PDAF technology helps the camera sensor by allowing it to capture minute details and accurate colors in a single try. Say goodbye to multiple trials of focussing on that object.

Xiaomi launched Redmi Y1

The Redmi Y1 comes in two colors – Black and Golden. The device has curved edges just like the other Xiaomi phones which make it easier to hold. The great look, metallic finish, and solid feel in hand make it a premium lookalike.

The fingerprint sensor is located below the rear camera and protects your phone efficiently while taking just 0.3 seconds to unlock with the correct fingerprint. The device has a 5.5″ screen which is something that Xiaomi is proud of. They said that the low-end smartphone market has a scarcity of bigger screens and better displays and they are trying to bridge that gap.

The Redmi Y1 has a  Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor which is quite efficient. The phone runs Android 7.1 Nougat with an MIUI 9 on top. The MIUI 9 will be stable by mid-November, according to Xiaomi. 

The phone will have two sim slots along with an additional space for the microSD. Say bye to hybrid sim slots! The phone will come equipped with infrared remote and the thermal efficiency of the aluminum alloy mid-frame.

Two Variants of Redmi Y1

There are going to be two variants of the phone. The first variant will have all the above-mentioned features with a 3GB RAM and 32 GB storage. This variant will cost you  INR 8,999/- which is a pretty basic amount given the features! 

A variant of Redmi Y1

The second variant will be identical to the first one, save the 4GB RAM and 64 GB storage that it’ll have. This variant will have a price of INR 10,999/- which is again not a big amount.


The phone will be an Amazon exclusive and you’ll be able to get your hands on it from November 8 positively. The phone will also be available in all the retail chains by mid-November.

Selfie taken by Redmi Y1

Are you going to buy this phone? Are you excited for the Redmi Y1? Let us know and keep following us for more.

To check the features in detail, check this link.


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