No “unverified” third-party launchers on MIUI, but there is a catch

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Xiaomi is known for a lot of things, be it super competitive prices or loads of ads. They’ve always found themselves in the middle of controversies, and well, here comes another. New reports suggest that Xiaomi is restricting users from setting third-party launchers as default launchers on their MIUI ROMs. However, there does seem to be a catch in it. Read on.

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Xiaomi blocks “unverified” third-party launchers on MIUI

As you might be aware, Xiaomi has two variants of its ROMs, one being Chinese and the other being Global. The aforementioned controversy pertains primarily to the Chinese ROMs. You see, companies like Huawei in China have blocked the installation of third-party apps on their devices altogether. However, while Xiaomi’s approach is a little relaxed, it is still disappointing. Basically, Xiomi is blocking users from setting their third-party launchers as the default launcher in their smartphone. This applies to all the launchers that are “unverified”.

Now, you might be wondering what does Xiaomi consider “verified”. Basically, any launcher that exists on Xiaomi’s App Store is verified, while all others are unverified. The folks over at XDA reached out to Xiaomi regarding this, to which the team did share an official response.

“Third-party launchers are allowed on China ROM-based Xiaomi smartphones after a verification process. Any launcher that is approved to be listed on the Mi App Store (our app marketplace in Chinese Mainland) will automatically be verified and can be used on MIUI smartphones running the China ROM. There are no plans to implement a verification process for launchers on the global (including India) firmware.” – Xiaomi Spokesperson

Indian users not to worry

As the Xiaomi spokesperson himself notes, the blocking of unverified launchers exists only on MIUI China ROMs. In India, however, which is one of the biggest markets for the company, the devices come with MIUI Global ROMs. As such, there is nothing to be worried about for Indian users. However, if you’re one of those who like to live on the bleeding edge of technology and installs Chinese MIUI ROMs on their device, this news might concern you.


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