Wireless Charging- is it ready to replace our cables?

Wireless charging

Wireless charging has been around for quite a while, and it’s charging speed was improved upon by many companies. However, with companies like Apple just adopting it, and companies like Google still not using it, are we ready to go wireless? Let’s break it down, and see why or why not.

Read the comparison between the Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 Plus to know more about the topic under scrutiny.

    First, Why Wireless?

   Wireless charging is heavily wanted nowadays. There must be a reason for it, in such high demand. 

    It is convenient

    We all know that it is easier to just lay your phone down, rather than plug it in. The hassle of dealing with cables is pushing us towards Wireless charging. Wireless charging also allows for a cleaner desk setup, minimizing cables laying around, and reducing the work of cable management.

    It is widely available

    We are starting to see Qi Wireless Chargers everywhere nowadays. Cars, restaurants, and even airports have wireless charging support. It is much easier to lay your phone on any Starbucks table, rather than to sit by the wall to plug it in.

    But why aren’t we fully wireless yet?

    The wireless charging market is growing like never before, but we have not yet seen a phone that comes with a wireless charger and no cable. Why haven’t we completely moved to wireless yet?

    Speed and Charging Times

    It is a fact that wireless charging is significantly slower than using a cable. For a phone like the Galaxy S8+, we are looking at over an hour of difference. The cable charger is much faster. However, wireless charging speeds have improved substantially over the past few years. The gap between the two is slowly closing down.

Wireless charging

    They Can Get Pricey

    Wireless chargers have never been cheap. A wireless charger from a reputable company would cost you around $30. The same goes for cars. If you want to get a genuine wireless charger made for your car, that would cost around $150. Those prices are incomparable with cables, and it might seem like an unjustified purchase. Prices have been going down, but not yet to the level of cables.

    What is the Future of Wireless Charging

    Wireless charging certainly is not a dying feature. In fact, it is growing more than ever. We are waiting for them to fully evolve before they go completely mainstream. What are we really waiting for with wireless charging?

    Wireless charging is the future and it must be futuristic. What we really want is TRUE wireless charging. One that can charge your phone once you enter the room it is in. Wireless charging now makes your phone unusable while charging. Having to lay it down and keep it still does not make a lot of sense. 

    Of course, we are not expecting that to happen anytime soon. We have to take baby steps towards this technology. First, we have to get it right on a small scale. For example, have it work with a diameter of 1 meter ( 3 feet ). Then, companies can create competition in between them, on who can achieve the longest distance. Slowly, we will find ourselves with a charger that covers the whole room. 

    I doubt that this is not possible today but it can not be taken to the mass market yet. The technology might have side effects on health. This is yet to be tested and studied further but it is not the only problem.

    Wireless chargers today require contact with the phone, and they are still quite inefficient. Manufacturers would have to find a way to get the chargers to not only charge faster but also more efficiently. The consumption of electricity from this technology would increase significantly since only a small part of it is actually reaching the phone.

    This technology is sure to come sooner than later, but for now, we should focus on improving our current technology. Once we master it, we can move on to the next step.


    Wireless charging is still work in progress. It is being improved upon with every new model and generation, and it is becoming more and more widespread.

Do you have a wireless charger? What do you think of it? Make sure to tell me in the comments below, I would love to know your opinion!

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