Why I will not buy the new iPhone X

iPhone X

Apple recently unveiled their new flagship smartphone, the iPhone X at its special iPhone event earlier last week. However looking past all the praise the device has been getting, I have realized a few blotches that will be keeping me away from it.

Too costly

Firstly, the phone is way too expensive for what it has to offer. The high price doesn’t set it apart from its lower-priced competition in the smartphone market. I believe Apple is demanding too much for what they are putting on the table. Yes, the smartphone carries all the necessities that we have become accustomed to while talking of a new flagship but there is no defining feature that sets it apart from the competition, which leads to my second point.

No Innovation

There is no defining feature on the iPhone X. Although Apple has managed to add all the latest features we expect from a flagship in 2017, they have been unsuccessful at bringing anything new to the table. The bezel-less screen is beautiful, but definitely not new. Wireless charging has been around on other smartphones for years and the dual cameras are becoming a common place in low and high-end smartphones. The iPhone X really has no unique selling point in the busy smartphone market and is no longer innovating like they used to. Other than its flagship specs and fan base, the iPhone X is just another smartphone in the market. The lack of a fingerprint sensor is also extremely disappointing, but that also is a testament to Apple’s belief that its new Face ID is perfected to its core.

Mediocre Looks

The third reason why I won’t be buying the iPhone X is that Apple who is renowned for crafting beautiful devices has actually managed to make a device that is way below the level we expect from any device from Apple. It isn’t ugly, but the protruding, awkwardly placed camera module is surely going to be a hassle without a case. The module also makes the device less attractive from the back compared to the new iPhone 8 Plus and last year’s iPhone 7 Plus.
The front of the device features a small notch that houses the camera, front speaker, and other important sensors but I find this unattractive compared to smartphones like the Galaxy S8 which have pronounced bezel at the top while keeping the bezels thin and the device much more attractive and ergonomic.

At last, I would like to say that although the iPhone X is a powerful alternative to the latest flagships without any defining feature other than its astronomical $999 price tag, it doesn’t cut it for me thinking of a phone that has been released to the battle for the top spot in the smartphone market. Although the iPhone X is Apple’s best smartphone to date, in my opinion, Samsung is still ahead. I know that I will not be bow down to the latest iteration of the iPhone.

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