Will Augmented & Virtual Reality truly rule the future or are they just an ephemeral fad?

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality is hot and sought-after trends by the modern consumer, as it’s like having that extra edge to own one especially directly on your phone, though they do come with that extra price tag. Also, companies are in a constant race to shape and present the sharpest perfect Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, albeit this means investing heavily with all the risks involved.

One can find the VR sensation on various sets, on its own like in the case of the Play Station VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift, but also on Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR which need your phone to unleash their potential. Truly the experience for the latter is mesmerizing, immersive and fascinating, such power combined with your phone.

Obviously, VR games started being released almost in tandem with the sets aforementioned and found their fanbase, which is an expanding niche. Augmented Reality was also included on the new iPhone X as we watched that Dinosaur venturing outside, and well it’s all cool new stuff to show off to your friends, sheer power held in the palm of your hand.

These type of ‘realities’ are also being utilized for various other options rather than gaming, like for example deciding which color to paint your walls, experiencing and checking it out on your phone prior to start actually painting. Also, you can check if your Ikea furniture will fit in a specified space in your home, moving the object with your finger on your phone screen and checking it out prior to actually buy that furniture. Amazing. Hopefully, companies will keep on finding a different type of utilization for the augmented and virtual reality applications, ideally in more important fields like medicine and science to obtain its maximum benefit.

Meanwhile, they are also being used and experimented in other sectors like on specified roller coasters in theme parks.

Both realities are not all rosy though, and as like everything else, they have their pros but also their cons. For example, there were people suffering from nausea after trying virtual reality headsets. Also, there is the fact that it isn’t very social to have a Goggle stuck on your face completely detached from your surroundings let alone communicating with your family members or friends if they are not participating online in the same game you are in that is.

However, and in conclusion, virtual and augmented realities are hot on the trot, and if consumers are still buying, and companies still investing, they are here to stay and are the new futuristic way to unplug from the real world after a hard day’s work, to alienate yourself when you need it, or for plain raw fun!

By – David Xuereb

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