Here are the weirdest phones that you can buy from China

I think everyone will agree when I say that the Chinese market offers the most interesting and unique products across different categories – be it clothes or phones. The Chinese don’t shy away from experimenting and the huge market definitely gives the makers a lot of room to try out new things.

Listed below are the eight weirdest smartphones made in China, some of which the world hasn’t seen yet.

1. Luxury Metal Body Car LOGO Dual Sim Mobile Phone ($999)

Weirdest phones to buy in China


This one is probably the weirdest phone on this list. Anyone who is even remotely conscious of money, won’t even look this way. The LOGO Dual SIM mobile phone looks rather atrocious and the gold plating is fake. The Ferrari logo is fake. The phone has a tiny display and an age-old T9 keypad. Honestly, I can’t think of one reason that justifies its existence. We’d have to ask billionaires who’ve probably spent money on this phone.

2. Babiken C8 quad-SIM phone

Weirdest Chinese phones


How busy and versatile can you be? How many clients do you want to manage at the same time? Well, the answer to even the most confusing questions is always there in technology.

This phone has 4 sim slots and you can use each of them simultaneously. This feature is a huge demand in the Asia Pacific countries since STD call rates still apply when you’re moving in between states. For some, this would be a huge welcome feature. Although this won’t be a requirement in the western countries.

3. Q308 Finger Gyro Reduce Stress Phone ($19.99)

Weirdest Chinese phones


For some reason, Fidget spinners came in huge demand in 2017. Every kid on the block had a fidget spinner. Makers also made better quality fidget spinners as they grew in demand. The demand went to the extent that one of the OEM’s has made a phone based on the toy.

The Q308 phone has a flashing LED on its end and transforms the GSM capable phone into a fidget spinner. If you think at times to remove stress and are addicted to the rotating metal centered around your finger, this is the perfect phone for you. And it comes only for $20.

4. ZTE AXON M ($724)

Weirdest Chinese phones


Yes, I would definitely call this weird. It may turn out practical for some but I would call it so, since this is so not the way we are used to operating phones. Having two completely different screens on your phone means you can use one as a keyboard and the other to have the window to type text.

You can also do multitasking in a way that two apps operate at the same time with full-screen windows if the OS allows that. You can watch a video in full screen and also keep commenting away. And if you’re into it, you can certainly use two displays as one to see a video or game away like on a tablet. This Nintendo DS-like smartphone may not have many compatible apps but surely raises an eyebrow and takes the cake in experimentation.

The Redmi Note 5 is coming in Q2 of this year and we cannot keep calm.

5. Huawei Enjoy 7 Kentucky Chicken Fried Edition ($599.99)

Weirdest Chinese phones


How many of us love chicken so much that we dedicate our phone in the name of it? Turns out that many people in East Asia are a big fan of KFC and to mark the celebration of their 30th Anniversary, Huawei launched these limited edition phones that have a KFC branding on it and are red in color. Nothing more to be said about this. Just that it’s a very red looking phone and shows your dedication towards the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

6. A20 Single SIM Bluetooth 3.0 Earphone “THE PARADOX” ($21.99)

Weirdest Chinese phones


You might have portability on top of the list when it comes to portable gadgets. This brand takes it to the next level. You don’t need to carry a Bluetooth earpiece to stay always connected but hey this phone is built inside your earpiece so you might wanna give a second thought.

One of the cheaper alternatives to the 1000$ flagships of today. If you are not into gaming, social network, working on commute type of thing and taking calls and occasional messaging is your scene, then this is perfect for you at just $22. Pretty Neat.

7. Anica S6 Mouse Phone ($49.99)

Weirdest Chinese phones


It’s a mouse, no it’s a phone. Or wait! It’s a mouse and a phone. Yes, this is a wireless mouse with GSM capabilities. If you are working away and think of making a call, you won’t need a reach out to your phone, you simply lift the device under your palm and call away. But then you lose your mouse when taking a call. I’d find this a pointless discussion but there are people out there who like such things.  

8. Meitu V6 ($629.99)

Weirdest Chinese phones


Finally, a classy android device that does justice for the elite. It’s not as extravagant as the $1000 Ferrari ripoff. But this android phone has a skinned version of Nougat and has dual cameras on back and front. This makes it an amazing phone to take selfies.

Plus its back is made of stitched leather that gives it a premium feel. Also, the 10 core CPU is pretty beefy to run any apps you throw at it. Among this list, I’d give this one a chance, only if you want to get something different than the Galaxy and OnePlus of the world.

Chinese OEM’s push boundaries to experimentation and innovation when it comes to tech. There are a plethora of cheap inexpensive tech products and phones that don’t give you a guarantee like the trusted brands, but then they do make you curious about something so different which exists in the market.

Have you seen anything like these phones before? Will you buy any of these weird phones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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