Why you should stop using Sarahah immediately!

Sarahah - Why should you uninstall it immediately

A month ago the word Sarahah wouldn’t have meant much to you, but today that random sounding word has broken all social media platforms. If you are not living under a rock, then it’s very difficult to not have heard about Sarahah. Those Teal blue screenshots have been flooding facebook and twitter for quite a while now and the app has been at the top of almost every app store in the world. For the uninitiated, Sarahah is an anonymous feedback app where the identity of the sender will be kept anonymous, and while this app is meant to share constructive feedback to people, it has inevitably fallen into bullying section of the internet.

The Sarahah app has been developed in Saudi Arabia by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, was meant for co-workers to share constructive feedback about each other, but it was not a long wait before the thing just took off. Initially started as a website, Sarahah became much more popular after the application was released. The app is quite straight forward and lets you do exactly what it says. People have been sending the Sarahah links to others for feedbacks and while many have had it easy with a lot of positive feedback, others have been harassed and bullied. And when you come to think of it, Sarahah is like the perfect breeding ground for bullies and people wanting to hurt others. Women on Sarahah are the most affected with people sending lewd and disgusting messages, and the more depressing of all the facts is that most of the times it’s people they know personally.

There were other apps in the past like Ask.com which had a somewhat similar approach but got shut down due to harassment claims. Secret, another very similar app, was valued at $100 million but it too got shut down due to similar issues. There are countless more examples which ultimately suggest that only rarely do these attempts go north. The majority of the population on Sarahah is teenagers and unfortunately, this is the age when they are most prone to social bullying which results in many of them giving in to depression. The developers of the Sarahah app never made the app keeping this in mind but this inevitably is how today’s society reacts. If you aren’t very satisfied with the article you can simply head over to the twitter and facebook posts tagged with #sarahah and you’ll find countless accounts of people asking everyone to quit as soon as possible.



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