Here is Why You Should NOT use a Screen Protector!

Screen protector

 Once you get a new phone, you immediately go buy a case and screen protector for it. That is of course if you do not get them with your phone. While it might seem essential, you well might be harming your phone. Let’s see why!

    If you are using a back case with a thin protective lip that prevents the phone display touching the ground in fall, read this carefully. The case is designed to protect your phone from face first drops on relatively flat surfaces. This is great, however, you should NOT hinder it with a glass screen protector. 

    The addition of a glass screen protector adds about 1 to 2 mm of thickness to the display. This means the case is no longer preventing the display from hitting the floor. This leads to the screen protector cracking from the very first drop. This is especially true when using cheap screen protectors. Screen protectors that cost less $5 are particularly guilty of this problem. 

    The technical reason for that is the fact that the protector does not distribute the pressure evenly. Because it is so cheap, all the force is focused on one point of the protector, cracking it. Now, we all know a screen protector is very easy to replace and relatively inexpensive.

Cheap screen protector harms your mobile

    However, a screen protector does not quite protect your display all that much. If strong enough, the drop might even crack your display. The exact same thing happened to my friend yesterday.

    He was using a Galaxy J7 Pro with a back case and a screen protector, both of which have come free with the phone. The phone fell on it’s face from about 1m ( 3ft ) of height. The protector was cracked really badly. Another problem was that the protector was not even covering the whole display. 

screen protector cracked

    At this point, we were not really sure whether the display itself was cracked or not. However, in such case, you must immediately remove the screen protector from the area with the less cracks. Removing it ensures that you don’t get any extra scratches, or even cracks. Yes, cracks. If a small glass shard gets stuck behind the protector, and it you press it unintentionally, it well might crack the display. 

    After removing it, it turned out the display was cracked as well. There was a fine crack through the display, leading to the main crack point. This shows that the protector was not only useless but also very harmful. Here is what you can do.

  Screen protector harming the display

How Do You Avoid This Happening to You?

    To avoid this happening to you, there are 3 scenarios you can put yourself in. Here they are:

1: Use a Back Case Without a Screen Protector.

    While it might feel odd, it is far better than using a cheap protector. As previously mentioned, a case prevents the display from cracking, unless hindered by a screen protector. The little lip protects the display. This method is probably the best combination of stylish and protective, but not overly protective.

2: Invest in an Expensive Screen Protector

    If you insist on getting a screen protector, invest in more expensive one. Along with the high price, comes high quality. A good quality screen protector goes for around $15 to $25. Make sure that it fits the device perfectly and covers the whole front of the phone. This not only will better protect the phone but will also enhance the feel of the display when compared to a cheap protector.

3: Use a Folding Case

    The less stylish way to protect your phone, without spending too much money is using a folding case. The protection for your display will be provided by the case itself. In most cases, it is leather, which is great. Some folding cases also have smart features, but those can get expensive.

    If you decide to use a folding case, I would recommend a screen protector. Not necessarily to protect it from drops, but to protect it from scratches. When using a folding case, it is very likely to get lint between the case and the display when you close it. This can cause the display to scratch. Getting a cheap screen protector is not a bad idea here.

Why am I writing this?

    The main reason is that I want to help you maintain your phone properly. Do not fall for the very cheap protectors out there, they are pretty much a scam. Try to choose one of the scenarios I mentioned previously to avoid having to perform a costly screen replacement.

    Either way, I use a back case without a screen protector. What do you use? Did this article help you change? What are you changing to? Make sure to let me know in the comments below, I would like to hear from you!

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