Here’s why OnePlus won’t support Project Treble anytime soon

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I assume you’ve heard about Google’s Project Treble. It’s an idea of separating the manufacturers’ own code from the OS code itself in order to simplify the process of pushing out OTA updates. We had published an article before on how OnePlus users will not be getting a piece of the ‘Treble’ cake anytime soon.

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You must be wondering as to why a company so consumer friendly such as OnePlus would skimp on employing a brilliant mechanism like Treble. Well, here’s why.

Project Treble involves fragmentation of the existing OS. OnePlus needs to create newer partitions on their phones and then start to push out their side of updates, thanks to Treble. But they say the probability of their devices getting bricked is a bit on the higher side.

Being a relatively smaller company, it makes sense for them to choose the safer side. Because if they decide to do it and end up with a bunch of users complaining about how a company update bricked their device, they’ll end up making more harm than good to themselves.

OnePlus 5T will not support Project Treble

And besides, it’s not like they are slow at posing out updates to their devices or anything. Their OxygenOS is not to heavily customized, so updates are usually pushed out pretty quickly. It wouldn’t make sense to take such a big risk of damaging a huge number of their customers, just for the sake of being able to push out updates slightly faster.

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OnePlus 5T

So until they come up with something that doesn’t involve such a high-risk factor, I’m going to say they won’t even bother trying. And that’s a good thing for us!

What do you think about the company’s approach to Treble? Do you agree/disagree with me? Let me know down in the comments. You can check out my twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too if you want to.

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