WhatsApp working on two different dark modes for its iOS app

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, dark mode is clearly the rage these days. While many social media apps like Instagram and Twitter have already unleashed the dark side, there has been a lot of fanfare asking for a dark mode for WhatsApp. The IM app remains one of the most widely used communication apps out there. Now, while a Dark Mode still hasn’t rolled out for WhatsApp yet, it is clear that the company is working on it. In fact, the company is working on multiple configurations of the dark mode. Let’s take a look.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for iOS

A new leak has revealed that Facebook seems to be working on the dark mode for WhatsApp. Interestingly, it will come in a total of 3 configurations, of which 2 have now been leaked. The first theme sports a mix of black and dark grey colors. On the other hand, the second theme will sport a combination of softer greys.

Contrary to popular belief, AMOLED Dark mode doesn’t save more juice than Dark Greys, so rest assured, both the above themes should offer a dark experience while also offering better battery life. Also, it is worth pointing out that both the dark mode configurations will feature Dark Bubbles as shown below.

WhatsApp Dark Mode coming soon

As of now, there is no word as to when the Dark Mode will finally be enabled for WhatsApp. That said, with so much development going on, you can expect it to launch pretty soon. Make sure you’re tuned to Mr. Phone for all the latest scoop in the technology world.


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