WhatsApp’s impending update could help you identify spam messages easily

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Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature for its users. They could switch from a voice call to a video call instantly by clicking on the video call button. Click here to know more.

Whatsapp is now working on another feature which will make the detection of spam messages pretty seamless. If you are a WhatsApp user, you must be aware of the messages which are viral in nature and show up in the groups that you are a participant in. You may also have experienced some instance when you are randomly added to a group which is not known to you. 

The Facebook-owned messenger app is currently working on a feature that can help you get away from these issues if you correctly label such messages. Currently, the procedure which we follow is, if a user gets a message from an unknown person then he/she can mark it as spam or block the sender. 

The messaging app is aiming to take a giant leap forward and has come up with a new feature, which will target messages which are forwarded multiple times. Sometimes a single message is forwarded to multiple groups and not even interlinked. This happens because the spammer sends a message to a big group by simply picking up information from the internet for the purpose of advertising or spreading false news. 


Now, this new feature introduced by Whatsapp will help identify these forwarded messages which have been shared multiple times. These messages will be immediately reported to the user. Currently, this feature is being tested and will roll out to Android and iOS by the next update. 

As of now, the messaging app does not block any article sent above twenty-five times, but once the update rolls out, it will start happening. If a user sends a message more than twenty-five times then the user will get a pop up of “Forwarded many times”. If you want to send a single message to many people then you can broadcast the message. 

Have you ever received any spam messages? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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