WhatsApp rolls out new advanced storage management tool

WhatsApp Storage Tool

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new storage management tool for Android users. The tool allows users to delete bulk files and mostly forwarded files, which would help users to free up some space. This feature was earlier in the testing phase and also in beta for a couple of months. WhatsApp now confirms that this feature would roll out to users gradually. And, right now, it’s for Android users, and we assume it will soon roll out to iOS users in a phased manner.

The fundamental duty of this new advanced storage management tool would help users to review what’s taking up space on their WhatsApp. After analysing, the messenger application will suggest what all media or documents have taken up the storage. While this feature is already available for users, the new advanced tool will make it easier for users to review their storage.

How to save WhatsApp storage on your Android phone?

We have installed the latest beta on an Android phone, for testing, and we hope it would be similar for users after the official rollout from WhatsApp. 

Here’s the step-by-step process on how you could manage or save storage on WhatsApp

  • Firstly update your WhatsApp application to the latest version on Google Play Store.

  • After updating head over to the app settings and you can find the traditional ‘Storage and Data’ section.

  • Click on it, and you can notice the latest ‘Manage Storage’ icon. Underneath, it also indicates the total amount of your storage data the app has occupied.

  • Opening it will showcase the new menu-driven interface, which is a well-known UI that any Android user is used to.

  • The interface showcases your media files. For instance, you can find a new ‘Forwarded many times’ section. As the name suggests, the app analyses and categorises your most received forwarded messages and lets you delete them in a go.

  • Also, there’s a category for larger files that take up space like media files or video, for that matter. Users can review and delete them in a go as well.

  • Further, the new UI showcases the cleaned up space and also the available free space.

We believe WhatsApp has undoubtedly created a most advance storage management tool that indeed saves your WhatsApp storage directly proportional to your phone’s storage as well.

Availability for Android and iOS

As aforementioned, WhatsApp is starting the roll out gradually to Android users first. iOS availability will eventually happen sometime. We will keep you updated on the same. Let’s us know if after reading this story if you tried out the new WhatsApp storage management feature. And how do you find it? Useful or not.  

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