WhatsApp got crashed in the morning and Twitter had its field day!

WhatsApp crashed

The world has come to a halt as WhatsApp went down in the morning today. A lot of people around the world have been facing connection issues all morning, and it’s making them paranoid.

The app doesn’t look broken when you open it, with chats and contacts looking well. But once a user goes into a chat, the app just shows a “connecting” message that just stays there, and so new messages can’t be sent or received.

I am sure the WhatsApp team is working all hands on deck but that simply doesn’t stop people from pouring their witty reactions onto Twitter. These tweets will just make your day. 

There’s this person who genuinely feels for the people. Did you do it too?

WhatsApp down

 This realist who has observed us Indians quite well!

WhatsApp down

This graphic designer who has aptly described the situation. Lol.

WhatsApp is down

This woman is ALL OF US. Accept it.

WhatsApp is down


And this tweet which shows how meaningless all of our life without WhatsApp is.

WhatsApp is down

The app is partially working in a few countries and we’re hoping that this gets to normal soon (because I miss my message tone, tbh!).

Despite such “desperate” time, Twitter did manage to make us laugh. The WhatsAppDown hashtag became a trend in a minute and we’re enjoying every single tweet.

Did you come across something funny too? What was your reaction to this WhatsApp crash? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more!


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