WhatsApp could soon bring chat sync feature between iOS and Android

If you are like me and you use devices other than your smartphone to access WhatsApp, you must have faced the issue of having to keep your mobile phone connected to access WhatsApp on other devices. Now, WhatsApp seems to be developing a feature to tackle this issue, which will allow the user to sync chat history across different platforms for ease of access. What is this all about? Let us discuss the same.

What about Testing?

Currently, WhatsApp is testing it’s application on four devices simultaneously, as in, the user will be able to use WhatsApp at the same time in 4 different devices. When the user will want to use the application on another device, there will be no requirements to copy chat history. What the application will do is, it will take in all your chat history in one instance and allow the user to use that particular device as a standalone device to access WhatsApp in the future.

Special iPad App?

Another news has also surfaced, which states that WhatsApp has also developed an iPad app, which will work on iPad OS, which will be released post the release of the above-mentioned feature, allowing the user to access WhatsApp on their iPhone and iPad simultaneously, something that cannot be done as of now.

When is this coming?

The date of the launch of this feature is yet to be revealed since this is still in development. However, when this feature will be available, we will be doing a follow-up article on the same.

What are your thoughts on this feature? Is this much needed or do you feel there is no need for the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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