WhatsApp beta update lets users switch between voice and video calls

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The Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, has launched a new feature for its users. One can now switch in between a voice call to a video call. All you have to do is if you are speaking to someone and wish to start a video call, you need to tap on the video call button and it will send a request to the other person. If the person accepts the request, the video call will immediately begin. This is a new WhatsApp beta update and it has not hit all the devices yet.

If the person declines the request then the voice call shall continue normally. In the current version of WhatsApp, you need to disconnect the voice call in order to start a video call. 

As of now, WhatsApp calls are on a one-to-one basis but they can be soon converted into group calls. WhatsApp is currently working on PIP (Picture-in-picture mode). 

Check out the phones in which WhatsApp will not work on. 

WhatsApp beta update

Let us take you to a trip down memory lane, a few days ago we informed you that WhatsApp has launched a new feature. This feature was to reply privately in group chats but according to sources, that was a mistake done by the developers. They enabled the feature by mistake and have now dropped it from the WhatsApp beta version. 

You can now get updates on WhatsApp about your Netflix shows, read to know more. 

Are you satisfied with the switch between voice and video calls? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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