You Might Want to Wait Before Getting Your Next Phone- Why and How

Wait before changing your old phone

    Every 2-3 years, we feel like it is time to get a new phone. That could be because it is outdated, laggy, broken or maybe we are just bored of it. However, you might want to wait a bit.

Why Wait?

    Despite your impatience to get a new phone, there are some things you might want to keep in mind before dropping the cash. First, make sure you know what phone you want. You might want to check out my thorough guide to choosing the right phone for help.

Should you buy a new phone

Look out for new model release dates

    Before buying your phone, it is a must to check when it’s successor is going to be released. You do not want to buy a phone that will become outdated in a few months.

    Of course, it might be hard to know exactly when a phone is to be launched, but it is not impossible. Leaks are all over the place, and you can easily lookup the company’s history. You can check when its predecessor was launched, and how far apart it is from the even older model.

There was not much difference between OnePlus 5 and 5T! Learn from this.

    This should give you a solid idea of when the next phone is launching. It is not only because you will want to get that newer phone, but also the price cuts. Once the new phone was launched. The older will likely become much cheaper, giving you a golden chance to save some money.

Wait for big reductions

    This might be easy and obvious at first glance, but it takes a bit more than you think. There are plenty of events that are well known to have great reductions, such as Black Friday and the Holiday Season. While you most likely won’t find a %50 price drop on a flagship phone, you will definitely see a lot of bundles and packages including it.

Beware of fake sale

    There are also going to be plenty of offers on accessories you might like that same day. Make sure that you check when the next big savings season is coming, and keep ONE thing in mind. If a deal seems to be too good to be true, it is not true. This happened to me recently, where a $65 power bank from Anker went for $4.99. I immediately purchased two, a mistake I should not have done.


    They turned out to be fake, but I managed to get myself a refund. Make sure to check the seller and the product reviews from the same seller. Also keep in mind the number of reviews on the product, as a seller can easily get a few friends to write fake reviews.

    Anyway, be careful not to get a fake or clone of a smartphone online. There are a lot of them.

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How can I make my phone last?

    This is a problem faced by Android users more than others. In 2 years time, most Android phones will no longer get Software Updates. This can leave a user with a laggy, slow phone with old software. A lot can be done in terms of software, but I will get to that later. Let’s start with the hardware side of things.


Get a new case!

    While it might seem spendy and useless, it makes a lot of sense. If you are simply bored with your phone’s design and/or build quality, a case can do you wonders. Getting a back case with some different design or an unusual material choice can really change the way your phone looks and feels.

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    What type of case you get is personal preference, but try to go with something different. This is especially pointed towards those who use folding cases. Those make you phone look old and worn out, so try to get a back case for a change.

Treat your phone like you just got it!

    This might be silly, but try to do it if you can. Treat your phone as if it is new. This means keeping it clean, protected and caring for it. If your phone was broken, consider a display replacement if it is not too expensive. It is more of a restoration process. Just make sure not to spend too much on it.

Get a new launcher, icon pack, or even a new wallpaper

    This simply adds to the feel of a new phone. The launcher can either be a very heavily customizable launcher, such as Nova Launcher or can just be an OEM launcher of your next phone. This is exactly what I did in the time before I got my new phone.

Nova launcher

    I got the latest TouchWiz Launcher, wallpapers and even a new ROM, more on that later. That really helped me overcome the sheer slowness of my phone, and how weakly it performed. In fact, it made it much faster- or at least, it felt that way.

Get Creative!

    If you have experience with such things, try to get root. This would allow you to update your phone to the latest version of Android. Updating to the latest version not only gets you more features but also more security and huge performance boosts.

    Getting a Nougat ROM for my previous phone, which ran 4.2.2 Jelly Bean was a step I would never regret. It made it much faster, and very unique since Nougat back then was only available on the Google Pixel and Pixel Xl.

Get creative

    You might want to take a look at Xposed. It is a very good way of adding features and gimmicks to your phone on the fly. You can check out all sorts of apps and services that require root and exploit them to the max. Just make sure you do not overdo it, or go reckless and not pay attention to what you are getting and where you are getting it from.

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Research helpful tips and accessories

    Go online and look for videos on your phone. Even if it is old, you will likely find some software tricks you had no idea were there. Some of those features are no longer even available, such as being able to set a custom vibration pattern. We saw it with Galaxy phones running up to Android KitKat, but sadly, the feature is nowhere to be found in Nougat or Marshmallow.

    You do not even need to go online, just do it yourself. Go to the settings of your phone, and check out every tab, and all its contents. You will likely end up finding something you never knew. Spending a healthy half an hour or so in the settings can change the core experience of your device.

Research for a phone

    A lot more than you think can be done through the developers’ options menu of the phone settings. If you don’t have that, simply go to about phone, software information, and tap Build Number between 7 to 10 times.

    In terms of accessories, there are plenty of those. Get an OTG adapter if you have not already. Maybe even an IR blaster. Those can be very useful and can help you use your phone for a longer time, and can save you some money for some time.

So, are you convinced?

    I hope you are because some really great deals are coming up. Those tips helped stay on my phone for 5 extra months until the newer version of my phone was launched, so I was able to get the better version.

    5 months is obviously a very long time, especially with 2 and a half years of usage prior to that. However, how much longer you decide to keep your device depends on why you are waiting, and how old it is.

    Are you planning on waiting? Did reading this change your opinion? Make sure to tell me in the comments below, I would love to know your opinion!

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