Gaming on the vivo Z1Pro will make you an expert at headshots

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Gaming phones are clearly becoming the trend these days, thanks to multi-player games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. However, they often carry an expensive price tag, which leaves the mid-range market wanting for more. Now, it seems like the vivo Z1Pro is here to fill that void. While not a gaming phone primarily, it does offer probably the best mobile gaming experience at a budget. Starting at just Rs. 14,990, the vivo Z1Pro clearly packs in a punch, and if gaming is your priority, this is the best phone in under Rs.20,000. Let me tell you why.

vivo Z1Pro: Game Cube is a cool gaming mode for PUBG

The vivo Z1Pro comes with the best processor in its class, which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 mobile platform with AI Engine. The Snapdragon 712 was launched earlier this year as an upgrade of an already powerful Snapdragon 710 SoC. The new chipset offers a 10% improvement in the overall performance, which is clearly evident. That said, both the Snapdragon 712 and the 710 share the same Adreno 616 GPU. So, what makes the Z1Pro such a great device for gaming? The company’s Ultra Game Mode designed for the ultimate gaming fun.

The vivo Z1Pro comes with a dedicated gaming mode to assist you in boosting the clock speed of the SoC while also keeping the memory clean for optimal usage. I tried playing PUBG Mobile on it, and right off the bat, the game booted up into the highest settings possible. What’s more, is that the gaming mode comes with some extra support for PUBG Mobile.

Apart from the standard features which include background calls and blocking notifications, you also get 4D Game Vibration. This allows you to actually feel the direction from which the gunfire comes from. Then there are a couple of additions like Game Countdown and Esports mode that really uplift the entire experience.

Honestly, this definitely gave me a competitive edge while playing PUBG on the Z1Pro. No wonder vivo was confident enough to actually sponsor and conduct a professional PUBG esports tournament where many players used the Z1Pro to compete.

Not just PUBG, the Z1Pro is well-suited for a plethora of games. From games that are not very graphically intensive such as Candy Crush to Asphalt 9 – a game that can burn the tarmac and your SoC if you push the phone through its limits – the Z1Pro just screams through it all.

vivo Z1Pro: why you should consider this gaming phone

Having tried a plethora of gaming smartphones, we can easily say that the Z1Pro offers some pretty useful features that deliver an experience almost like the flagships. But the best part of the Z1Pro is the price. You get this power-packed performer starting at just Rs. 14,990. And mind you, we are just talking about the gaming aspect right now. There is a lot to like about the vivo Z1Pro, so make sure to take a look at our complete review below.

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