Vivo Nex with pop-out selfie camera appears on a live Chinese TV show

Vivo NEX

Vivo’s upcoming Nex line of full-screen smartphones is set to debut on June 12 in China. Earlier there was some suspense regarding the nature of the Vivo Nex handsets but the company has since come out with teasers that have cleared the air. Mr. Phone reported that Vivo was pondering of rebranding the Apex line as Nex. The report turned out to be true and we’re now just a week away from its launch.

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Vivo Nex Vivo Nex

Is this really Vivo Nex? 

Ahead of the launch, new live images of the handset have appeared online. These images have been taken from a live Chinese TV show and leave nothing to the imagination. As you’ll see in the images, the Vivo Nex somewhat diverts from the design language of the Apex. It has rounded corners versus the sharp corners of the Apex, which is a welcome change. You can also see the trademark pop-out selfie camera in one of the images. And the fingerprint reader is not at the back of the display. This is probably the top-most version of the Vivo Nex.

As per latest news, we heard about three Nex models passing 3C certification in China. One of them is a Snapdragon 845 variant. The other is a Snapdragon 710 variant, in other words, the Nex S. This is supposed to sport a bottom selfie shooter as opposed to a retractable one. Then there’s Nex A. This could be a Chinese variant of sorts while the Vivo Nex could be a global variant. However, we’re not completely sure on this. 

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If you’re interested in the device, do know that it isn’t coming cheap, aside from the possibility that it could not launch in India. Rumours peg a price of above $1000 for the premium model.

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