Vivo to feature Clear ID in-display fingerprint reader in a smartphone (2018)

Vivo smartphone

Vivo is among the top manufacturer’s of the country and it had confirmed a few days ago that it will be working on the mass production of the Clear ID (it is an optical scanner). Today the company has taken pride in announcing that the next Vivo flagship will be coming with a Clear ID in-display fingerprint reader. It is the world’s first optical display fingerprint scanner. 

We have not got any confirmation on the name of the smartphone which will feature the in-display fingerprint scanner. The company has set a target to sell around 70 million handsets with Clear ID sensor. 

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As per Forbes, if you press the button which will be present on the right side of the smartphone. It will wake the phone up and display an illuminated fingerprint image at the bottom. All you have to do is place your finger on the screen and automatically in a jiffy, the phone will be unlocked. 

Vivo smartphone

This Clear ID is specifically designed for bezel-less OLED infinity displays which are found in the magnificent iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You must be wondering what is so great about this display? For those who are not aware of the usefulness read ahead to know more. There are multiple benefits of the in-display fingerprint scanner. You must have been in a situation when your phone is lying on the table and you can’t reach the rear-facing fingerprint scanner, there is always a chance of you spoiling the rear camera. Even while scanning your face the users sometimes are uncomfortable to lift the phone and look at it whenever they have to unlock the device. Clear ID is lucid and allows users to unlock the phone by touching the screen.

The Clear ID supports a CMOS sensor (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) with a thickness of less than 0.7mm. When the user comes in contact with the screen the sensor scans the fingerprint and sends information to its processor to unlock the phone. It only happens if the fingerprint matches, it also saves the screen from scratches. 

It is clearly a wise choice to add this exemplary feature to a Vivo smartphone. Are you eager to see which smartphone does Vivo place this Clear ID fingerprint scanner on? Let us know what do you feel in the comments section below. 

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