Vivo is working on a new face unlock tech that could beat the iPhone X’s FaceID

Vivo face unlock technology

It is not exactly safe to say that Vivo is playing in the levels of Apple, but the company has surely ante up its R&D aspirations this year. With the introduction of phones like X21 and the most recent NEX, which comes with pop-out selfie camera. The market believes that it can take on Apple’s iPhone. Maybe not the software experience, because that is a different story altogether, but the hardware.

The latest technology that Vivo is chasing to perfect is Face Unlock. Who is better to set as an example than Apple’s iPhone X? Last year when Apple introduced this Face ID feature it took every manufacturer by storm as it offers impeccable hardware to support the Face Unlock. Unlike most of the brands who utilise the selfie camera and AI technology to unlock the phone.

But that is about to change – because the company is working on new face unlock technology that could beat iPhone X’s Face ID. Where Apple claimed that it projects 30,000 sensor points directly to your face, Vivo is planning to project at least 3,00,000. That means Vivo face unlock tech could be 10 times reliable than Apple’s face ID tech. Now that is a hard fact to gulp!

How does Vivo’s face unlock tech works?

At the on-going MWC expo in Shanghai, the company has unveiled this technology. Where it has shared some details on how it will work on its phones. This tech would be mounted on the front of the phone alongside selfie camera. It works by sending out the pulse of light and it measures the time of flight (TOF) it takes to bounce back to its sensor. The broad term that Vivo is using here – Structured light.

Vivo could be the first Android vendor in the market to strongly compete with Apple’s Face ID feature. While OPPO has also considered introducing this tech on its handsets, but Vivo just might be the first. The company executives have stated on the floor that they’d be combining the 3D TOF sensing technology with AI for better results.

What do you think about this Vivo face unlock tech? Would you be interested to see this come out on one of its phones? Let us know in the comments section below.


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