Alleged Vivo phone with completely bezel-less display spotted in the wild

A Vivo device with zero bezels

The quest for a true bezel-less phone has just begun. 2017 saw a truckload of so-called bezel-less devices. However, none are truly bezel-less in the truest sense of the word. A more apt description would be thin-bezels. However, smartphone manufacturers are now working towards making a true bezel-less phone real.

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Most notably, Doogee has attempted this lately with a flipping front camera that sits at the back of the phone. The on-screen UX definitely resembles Vivo’s iteration of Android, but apart from that, we can’t deduce much from the image.

However, new leaked images sourced from the rumour gold mine, Weibo, have come up with yet another design. The handset is believed to be a Vivo device, although there’s no evidence to it. The concept is similar to Doogee’s design but even this design has minimal bezels at the bottom. Compared to Doogee Mix 3’s boxy look, this handset has more elegant curves on all sides.

Doogee's bezel-less device


Doogee's bezel-less device

Nothing certain can be said about this handset. Since we’ve not been treated to an image of the rear, we don’t know whether this alleged Vivo device even has a flipping rear camera or a regular one. Also, it could either have a rear fingerprint reader or an in-display sensor.

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The new leak being a solitary, one of its kind, is to be taken with a mix of caution and optimism. If the featured device is real, it shouldn’t remain underground for long. For now, we’re reserving our judgements until more concrete info comes around. What do you think of the design? Do you like it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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