Vivo Apex Concept phone with world’s thinnest bezels and a hidden front camera revealed

The Mobile World Congress began with Samsung and Nokia showing off their smartphones, but they are not the only ones basking in the limelight. Chinese smartphone makers Vivo showcased a concept phone called the Apex and it might just make your day.

The first thing that catches your eye is the smoking hot display with wafer-thin bezels making for the world’s highest screen-to-body ratio. The bezels on three sides are 1.8mm and they are currently working to bring the 4.3mm bottom bezel to 1.8mm, ultimately creating a truly bezel-less experience.

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What’s unique?

The Apex also incorporates the in-screen fingerprint scanner in a really unique way. Instead of you having to put your finger in a crunched up spot, on the Apex you have a huge chunk of the screen that will work as a fingerprint scanner. It’s a little slow because it’s only a concept, but it surely sounds interesting. Since the whole area detects fingerprints, you can enroll two fingerprints at once, for those who need that.

The third very interesting thing is the front camera, which isn’t there when you look first. It actually sits at the top of the phone and pops out whenever you wanna use it. It rises up in 0.8 seconds whenever you switch to the front cam and retracts after use. This is far from the perfect solution but is at the least a good start. Lastly, as an earpiece replacement Vivo outputs audio by sending vibrations through the entire display.

All this said, the Apex is still a concept phone by Vivo which is why we don’t have details on release date, pricing etc.  The Apex probably will not make it to the market anytime soon,  but that is not gonna stop us from praising their efforts. It wouldn’t be surprising at all to see a lot of smartphone makers follow Vivo to the in-screen fingerprint scanner world very soon.

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