Twitter has increased the character limit to 280, are you excited?

Twitter has increased the character limit to 280

Twitter has been the trendsetter since it has been launched with every recent news turning into a hashtag. However, the only complaint that people (like me) had was the excruciatingly small character limit. While Twitter has taken an ample amount of time for beta testing, by subjecting a few users to this update for six weeks, each user on the social networking platform can now use up to 280 characters!

For those of you who were not too regular on Twitter due to the 140 characters limit can now be active with this exponential increase!

While testing, Twitter noticed that the beta users had maintained their fidelity to the older limit of 140 characters. Only 5% tweets were more than 140 characters while only 2% of them were longer than 190 characters.

Twitter collects data on 280 character limit



But again, can you judge the reaction of the whole world based on the experience of a handful users? The answer is obviously no and this is the reason behind making this update official. Twitter has rolled its dice and we’ll see how it turns out in the coming months.

Twitter is basically trying to widen its user base and it feels that increasing the character limit would allow people to express themselves properly. However, some languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese aren’t getting this increased character limit. This is because these languages are capable of imparting more information in fewer characters, unlike English or French.

Controversy regarding this new character limit on Twitter

Many users have been posting against this move by Twitter since it rolled out its beta test/survey. Some users feel that the character limit of 140 is something which actually tests the wit of a user. Many feel that increasing this limit will not actually increase the ‘substance’ but just the matter in a post!

Some users have also complained that their feeds will now be filled with longer tweets and that would make things even more complicated. A few users also raised their voice against the abusive and harassing tweets which, unfortunately, are prevalent on Twitter. These people want to make it a safe social networking site without any abusive or instigating matter. 

People are speaking against Twitter updates

Some people displayed their talent by editing Jack Dorsey’s tweet which was 280 characters long to show that the same ‘substance’ could fit in the older limit.

Smart, aren’t they?

Twitter new update

People’s reaction is a mixed bag with a few websites concluding a positive sentiment to the move, while the others say that it has just made people cringe with anger because Twitter is focussing on everything but the important issues!

Are you happy with this move? Do you think that Twitter has taken a negative step? Do you have any funny one-liner on the issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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