Truke S1 and Q1 earbuds review: good to have bass, and comfortable audio on a budget

Truke S1 and Q1 Buds (2)

Out in the world, there are plenty of TWS to choose from. There aren’t any limitations to find one set of wireless earbuds as they are offered in all price ranges: that involves from budget to premium segments. But finding the right one can be tricky especially in the cost-effective segment as there are a plethora of buds from OEM makers who often make smartphones, and have ventured into making earbuds too. And then few companies are dedicated to only make audio products and put in their expertise to make their products appeal to the masses.

Truke — A German brand is one such company that makes affordable wireless buds and has launched two new pairs of wireless earbuds under the highly competitive price segment. The Truke S1 and Q1 are the new ones in the lot that fall under the cost-effective bracket, under Rs 1,500, to be precise. For the price for which they’re being offered; both pairs of buds are packed in with noteworthy and key features to appeal to the masses. We have had them for review for a little over a month now, and consider this as a fairly long term review. Let us delve right in.

Truke S1 and Q1 Buds (2)

Truke S1 and Q1 — Design

Both Truke S1 and Truke Q1 earbuds come in a fairly similar design aesthetic: they feature stem design with touch controls and both come in a charging case. While buds themselves look similar in glossy plastic build they certainly different when it comes to charging cases. The Truke S1 here appears to be a higher-end model here with its relatively trendy looking charging case. The case itself is made of plastic but comes with a sliding lid that has a matte finish on top.

To begin with, the sliding mechanism of the lid is very satisfying and I found myself playing around with it when I connected my buds to listen to music on the couch. The buds inside connect through magnets via charging pins, and there’s an LCD display that indicates the charge percentage of the case. This feature appeared convenient to me as it keeps me aware of if the case needs a charge.

Truke Q1 Buds (1)

Speaking of charge, the case for Truke S1 comes with a 500mAh battery capacity, which is significant considering the buds that fall in this price bracket. Another good thing here is that it comes with USB Type-C, for charging, which can be considered another highlight feature on these sets of buds.

Likewise, the Truke Q1 buds also come in a charging case, which is a bit more compact and small compared to the S1’s. The case is made of plastic and has a matte finish on the outside. It also has an LCD display on the inside and also charges through USB Type-C. In terms of capacity, underneath, it has a tad bit smaller battery capacity — a 400mAh one, which explains the compact size of the case. The buds inside also connect through charge pins and magnets to get juiced up.

Truke S1

On the whole, both buds come in a stem design with a glossy finish and are very lightweight. In the box, they come with a USB Type-C cable for charging, and additional silicone tips to match your ear canal size. Once you find the right fit, both pairs of buds do a decent job in isolating surroundings, which I found very appealing.

Truke S1 and Q1 — Tech Specs and Controls

There are a pair of 10mm dynamic drivers powering both the pair of earbuds, underneath. These drivers further support AAC codec support. S1 and Q1 TWS support ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) coupled with Quad MEMS Mics inside the buds. The models come with Bluetooth 5.1 support when it comes to connectivity.

Truke S1 and Q1 Buds

Another rare feature in the price bracket in which they’re being offered is that they come with IPX4 water and sweat resistant rating. There’s a low latency gaming mode to have an immersive gaming experience, and lastly, when it comes to compatibility these buds support iOS, Android, and as well as Windows.

On the controls front, the earbuds support touch/tap controls. Firstly, pairing them is fairly simple, pulling them out of the case triggers pairing mode. As they’re connected, there’s a sound played in the buds indicating the same, and vice-versa when they’re not.

Truke S1 and Q1 Buds

As suggested earlier, the touch controls are on point, like a single tap would play/pause/answer the call; a two-sec tap would reject the call. Further, double-tapping the left earbud would trigger voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. A slight tap for two seconds on both earbuds would allow you to either skip to the next track or play the previous track respectively.

However, there aren’t any taps or touch controls to adjust the volumes, and you should still use your connected device’s volume rockers: that’s one thing to bear in mind if you’re considering purchasing them.

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Truke S1 and Q1 — Performance

Right off the bat, both models are bass-heavy as promoted. It is indeed surprising to see the 10mm dynamic drivers doing a good job considering the price they fall in. The audio quality, on the whole, is decent, however, it seemed flat when played in higher volumes. The vocals on these buds are fair enough and listening to podcasts for extended periods did fine on my ear — thanks to their lightweight and snug fit. The ENC has worked well in isolating me from surroundings, there are Quad MEMS mics — two on each in-ear bud, and the snug fit of these buds also helped me a bit on that.

Further, the buds gave me a better call quality and feedback from the receiving end also haven’t had any complaints. But somehow, during conference calls, like on Microsoft Teams, for instance, I had to raise my voice so that the other end could receive my voice a tad bit clearer. I am no audiophile but I do listen to music frequently during the workdays and as well as weekends. I have used both the models (S1 and Q1) by connecting to my iPhone, desktop, and an everyday working laptop.

Truke S1 and Q1 Buds

The connectivity with the in-ear buds and across devices is steady and I haven’t noticed any pairing issues during the one month course of testing them. However, occasionally, there has been a slight connectivity issue or you can say pairing issue between the buds, particularly in the S1 model. This made me miss the audio, and particularly when connected to a laptop. Though I haven’t faced this when connected to an iPhone or an Android device like the Galaxy M12, for instance. Also, haven’t witnessed this on the Truke Q1 model.

All in all, these buds performed well during my testing period, and there aren’t that many complaints during the time that I have spent with them.


The other important aspect and the key differentiator apart from the design between both the models is the battery, the charging case, to be precise. Both feature a 40mAh battery in the stems of the in-ear buds and these pair promise a good ten-hour playback time on a single charge. However, in our testing, we could achieve approximately 7 or 8 hours on a single charge with use cases including listening to music, taking calls throughout the day, and binge-watching on weekends when connected to a laptop.

Truke Q1 Buds (2)

The charging cases, however, differ here. The case for the Truke S1 model comes with a 500mAh battery capacity and a 400mAh for the Truke Q1. Here, undoubtedly the S1 has a slightly bigger advantage as it would charge its buds more than four times, whereas the Q1 buds with the charging case would be stuck at three or four times, maximum. This playback and charging time on both the buds, at least to me, is fair enough to carry out mundane tasks and I would charge them overnight and occasionally rest them in the charging case itself in between as well. This made the buds last a day quite easily.

It would be an injustice if I didn’t address the convenience of USB Type-C charging for both the S1 and Q1 earbuds’ charging cases. With traditional travel, USB Type-C adapters lying around and Truke also providing the USB Type-C cable for the case to charge are indeed handy and sets apart in its competition.

Truke Q1 Buds (2)


As stated in the introduction of this review, there are tons of TWS in-ear buds to choose from and Truke with its S1 and Q1 pairs would sit comfortably in this space. The Truke S1 buds cost Rs 1,498, on Amazon India, and the Truke Q1 retail at Rs 1,298. Both sets of buds are indeed cost-effective considering their offerings which include — portability, light-weight, snug-fit, they’re bass-heavy — thanks to its 10mm drivers, ENC, decent battery and some good quality mics.

Though we have several options in the market, there are only quite minimal ones with the set of features that Truke S1 and Q1 buds offer under the Rs 1,500 segment. Henceforth, if you’re looking to find a pair of wireless portable buds and are exhausted of getting the wired ones with similar price points, then these Truke buds are worth the try, especially the Truke S1s here as it has a bit of battery dominance.


Vishnu works as a Content Writer for Mr. Phone. His primary interests revolve around covering smartphones and all other gadgets connected to the Internet.

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Vishnu works as a Content Writer for Mr. Phone. His primary interests revolve around covering smartphones and all other gadgets connected to the Internet.