Touchscreen of Pixel 2 XL has dead spots around the edges

Pixel 2 XL

It’s raining troubles for the Google Pixel flagship, yes fellas another issue has popped up and I have no idea when will this nightmare be over. We recently posted about the issue faced by Pixel 2 XL, the screen burns, the charging not exceeding a certain limit, and flashing screen. All these problems were hovering on Google’s head that another issue came up but this time it was for Pixel 2, it also entered the den of troubles. Pixel 2 had issues with its Assistant not being able to operate when connected via Bluetooth headphones. The problem still persisted even when users tried using headphones of different brands. 

But troubles are not leaving the Pixel flagships aside, a recent report claims that the phone is ignoring any inputs and the touchscreen of the Pixel 2 XL have dead spots around the edges. Check out these videos to know the problem in detail.


The thing that might make you feel better is that Google has acknowledged the issues and promises to find a fix in the next OTA update. This may give a sigh of relief to all the Google loyalists out there. 

Have you had any such problem with your Google Pixel 2 XL? if yes or a no write to us below in the comment section. 

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