Top 5 Design and Drawing Apps handpicked for you

Top 5 apps for design

Today, we find ourselves in a very busy life with hardly any time to sit at our desks and draw or sketch out our next masterpiece. The ideas we have while being in our commute escape our grasp by the time we get to a computer. Well, here are 5 Top Drawing/Design apps that may make the artist in you shine even while waiting in line for your favorite coffee: 

5. Word Swag by Oringe Inc. – $3.99

Top 5 design apps

Word Swag comes at a hefty price of $3.99. However, the quotes and designs you can come up with are well worth the price if you are to want quick ideas for shirt prints or baseball caps.

Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps 


You can choose from an array of images from Pixabay or import your own be it from your camera or camera roll. The next step is to crop (or choose not to crop) the image which you will be using as the background.

 Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps 


It comes with a heap of inspirational quotes if you cannot find that inner writer in you. From there, you are able to choose many types of preset font and layouts to suit your needs. At this point, you can choose how you want the text to be presented whether it be inverted or a different color.


Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps 


Lastly, there is the option to change the way the background looks so that you can make your text more visible. The possibilities are endless with all the tools you have in this app to create a new inspirational Instagram quote, a shirt or baseball cap print. 

Download this app from Play Store.

4. Patternator by Bazaart LTD. – Free*(in-app purchase $.99-$1.99)

Top 5 design apps 

While it serves more or less as a seamless tile generator, Patternator is an amazing app which, as the name implies, creates patterns to one’s liking. First, it allows you to choose the image you will be repeating in a pattern. You can either choose from the built-in search option or import your very own.


You can also use the camera feature on your phone to make an outline of what you want as the image used.


Another key feature is the ability to choose how the design (pattern) is arranged, by tweaking the spacing, scale, angle, and etc. of the image.


Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps 

Lastly, you have the option to choose the background to compliment the image used as the pattern. Even exporting your work is a breeze with share button located at the top of the screen. There is an option to print as well and it initiates the print shop that will walk you through a guide to print your design of various items with varying prices. Then we have the save button which will save it to the Google Photos app.

The saved HD pattern is accessible via purchase for a nominal fee of $.99 as well as removing the watermark for $1.99.

Download this app from Play Store.

3. Picsart Color Paint – Free

Top 5 design apps 

In third place, we have Picsart Color Paint, this free application is full of little wonders because of the export option and many other features.

Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps Top 5 design apps 

When starting a new project, you are greeted with very similar aesthetics of an application we will be discussing later. The brush selection is nice and you can find yourself really digging deep into the overall customization you have per brush to really tailor each stroke. 

Top 5 design apps Top 5 design appsTop 5 design apps 

It comes with a very handy text option in case you want to add inspirational quotes to a design without having to leave the app you are currently in. Secondly, it does have multiple layers that you can manipulate to create exactly what you need to.


Top 5 design appsTop 5 design appsTop 5 design apps 

The application is a great starter for those who want to dabble in drawing on your smartphone or tablet, however, there are some caveats and one could say that given your targeted goal, they could/could not be shortcomings. These issues I speak of are the inability to add additional textures to the fill tool, the color mixer feels gimmicky but it is an interesting choice to enable users to pick a color they prefer. Lastly, the export abilities are very lacking in formats. You do have the option to export it to Picarts’ very application by the same name.

Download this app from Play Store.

2. Picsart – Free*(in-app purchase $1.99-$9.99)

Top 5 design apps - Picsart 

Picsart would have made it to top place just on the sheer amount of things you could do with such an astonishing application. I have seen so much amazing work done with this application that it is basically a small photoshop in your pocket. 

Top 5 design apps - PicsartTop 5 design apps -Picsart

When you start the application, you have the option to use a preexisting image on your device or from their selection of backgrounds, some of which cost to download. 

Top 5 design apps - PicsartTop 5 design apps - PicsartTop 5 design apps - Picsart 

The amount of work that has gone into this application is baffling as you get many features that you could only see in high-end products such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo. You can make what they call stickers or cut-outs if you may, of specific images in pictures you have and the number of stickers they have in their store to use for your projects grow every day. 

  Top 5 design apps - Picsart  Top 5 design apps - Picsart Top 5 design apps - Picsart 

Finally, after taking days to look at each tool in this application, one could feel overwhelmed. you are given an entire suite to use for photo manipulation or just retouching images with the adjustment tools. There is just so much to use and by far this would be number one pick on my list if not for the format exportation. Regrettably, at the moment, the application only supports gif and jpeg which have a small resolution limitation.

This is great for those who would want to make a small graphic for social media sites, however, for designers, the limitation is if you would want to use it on a shirt or create a canvas print.

Download this app from here.

1. Infinite Painter by Infinite Studio Mobile – Free*(in-app purchase $1.99-$7.99)

Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter

At number 1 we have Infinite Painter and there’s too much to cover in this application. Describing these features would require a review all on its own so I’ll just be touching the highlights of this wonderful and amazing application.

Some of these features such a brushes, patterns, etc. are available to create in the previously mentioned app. The only difference is that they are for 25% off within seven first days of downloading the application so to unlock everything and more than what would be possible on Picsart Color Paint for an amount of $5.99. The user interface is quite forward with the options to choose from- start a new project, trace an image, and create a pattern for a brush or background. 


Today I’ll be covering the new project option, from here you can either select your own resolution for the project or select from the available templates.

Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter 

The brush selection is amazing, from pencil to pen or even a brush-like brush you would hard press to not find something that suited your need. It also comes with the option of using community brushes which are brushes designed by people like yourself. Next, we have the ability to change every single aspect of your brush. That’s right, every single aspect of a flow, to pressure sensitive, to mask. There are higher-end products that boast very similar features.

  Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter Top 5 design apps - Infinite Painter 

Lastly, this amazing software comes with the ability to export in several formats from png, jpeg, or as a PSD file. That’s right, you can continue your work on photoshop straight out of your table or phone. There is an option to export all layer individually as a zip file. 

Download this app from Play Store.

So these are the top 5 applications have been chosen for the design. What are your thoughts, any ones you think should have made the list? Feel free to drop the name of your favorite application and why in the comments below.

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