Tin Audio T3 review: this brand keeps making impressive products over and over again

Tin Audio is such an unfortunate name for a brand. No? I mean, the word ‘Tin’ evokes all sort of negative feelings in the audiophile world. That said, Tin Audio as a brand has been making some of the most awesome-sounding mid-range IEMs in the recent past. I reviewed the incredible T2 last year and after having used its successor – the T3 – I’m convinced that it is definitely a marked improvement. And you know what, I didn’t think Tin Audio could actually do that. Let’s get the review started. 

Tin Audio T3: design, fit, and specs

The box packaging is, in typical Tin Audio fashion, classy and attractive. The blue bookcase-like cover has a transparent cutout to showcase the individual earphone units in all its glory. That right there is the hook. Inside, you’ll get the detachable MMCX cable, which has been made thicker with a 5N eight-core oxygen-free copper-plated silver cable. It is extremely sturdy and looks pretty flashy too. This cable has a Y-split from where the individual right and left channel cables get separated. Also, the cable terminates at a straight jack that is extremely solidly built. It has a marble-like design on the insert, which looks odd considering it veers away from the whole golden design aesthetic of the IEMs. By the way, there is no mic because the T3 is a truly audiophile pair of IEMs.

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The earphones themselves are made of metal making them extremely sturdy. You have to loop the wire over your ears and I’d have liked a softer outer casing to make it feel more comfortable. But, even the default wire is not uncomfortable or anything. I could wear for hours on end without much discomfort. I preferred using the foam tips for a better seal and enhanced bass response. However, you can use silicon tips, which comes in three different sizes. Finding the right fit for your ears shouldn’t be a problem, unlike the foam tips. 

Inside the earphones, you have a 10mm dynamic woofer and a 6mm tweeter, in a dual driver setup. And, these earphones operate in a frequency range of 12-40000Hz.

Tin Audio T3: sound quality

When it comes to improving the sound signature from a previous generation product, Tin Audio delivers and how. With the new sound profile of the T3, you can rest assured that Tin Audio is listening to consumer feedback. The T2 had a fairly neutral sound signature across the frequency spectrum but the highs did get a little too sibilant and the bass lacked punch. Tin Audio has fixed that in the T3.  

The T3’s signature is one that is analytical, bright, and extremely detailed. Tin Audio is clearly going for clarity here. The silences are devoid of any noise artefacts and all you get is a crystal clear audio space for you to enjoy your music. The imaging and stereo separation, as a result of this clean sound, is extremely precise and accurate. The only problem I had with the T3 is the sound-staging is nearly non-existent. Also, there are times when the highs feel slightly sibilant (the S sounds are more pronounced) but it is not as bad as the T2.

The bass is tighter now and I had a blast listening to DMVU’s latest single Trunk. The breakdown of each section and the sonic high that you get when the beat drops can’t really be explained with words. You can’t help but groove to the quirky arrangement of sounds that hits a crescendo at multiple points in the song. But yes, you don’t get a lot of quantity in the bass that is available on something like the Soundsly Appaisant. The mids are clean too with a slight peak in the upper midrange region. When this blends with the treble peak, that area of the frequency curve it gets annoying to listen to. Audiophiles will possibly like this sound signature. I sure did. 

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The T3’s sound signature is suited for all genres of music really. I absolutely enjoyed listening to Dave Grohl’s signature throaty growl in Walk by Foo Fighter and the extra sweetness of Minmini’s vocals in Chinna Chinna Aasai from Roja. Overall, the T3 is the best sounding Tin Audio product to date. 

Should you buy the Tin Audio T3?

The Tin Audio T3, at the time of publishing this review, is not available on headphonezone.in because it is out of stock. That is rather unfortunate really. But you can pick one up Amazon or one of the Chinese e-commerce websites like Alibaba or Gearbest. Or, you can also get it from Linsoul. You can get a good deal on one for around 60 dollars, which roughly translates to around Rs 4,200. This makes it an incredible deal and a complete value-for-money option. Especially, considering the excellent sound signature that you get with it. 

The price of the 1More Triple Driver has also dropped to around Rs 7,000 now making it an excellent alternative if you want something that sounds more musical. Then there is the HiFiman RE-400 that makes for another great pair of analytical IEMs. Then there are a smattering of KZ options like the ZS6, AS06, ZS10, AS10, BA10…the list is practically endless. They all sound great too but my only concern is that you don’t get premium feel and quality that you get with the Tin Audio T3. 

Overall, the T3 definitely makes it to my list of the top 3 IEMs around the Rs 5,000 mark and there are no two ways about it. 

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