The Surface Book 2 – Is it the desired update?

Surface Book 2 by Microsoft

It was last year when we were all excited as Microsoft launched their new and improved, Surface Book, a true laptop from Microsoft. It wasn’t any hybrid or a 2 in 1 but an actual laptop. With its unique hinge, powerful processor and the amazing pen, it became quite a favorite amongst many.

But then it was the first of its kind from Microsoft and as we know, the first product definitely has a couple of bugs that need to be sorted out. Also some people like me, who constantly use extended monitors and are a sucker for screen real estate, just love to have a 15-inch screen, that makes it appealing. Well, Microsoft heard our woes and we have the Surface Book 2 that answers all.


The Hinge

Lets first address the issues that people complained about last year. First up was definitely the screen wobble issue. Unlike the MacBooks, the Surface Book from 2016 has a wobble on the screen when you tried to use the touch interface. Also while opening the lid, the laptop moved a bit which was a bit on the raw side for the perfectionist.

Surface Book 2 hinge

This year, the design was updated with a better hinge which completely removed the screen wobble. We definitely see a better screen balance, thanks to the new hinge on the book. Next, we had a couple of freezing issues on the first laptop. The hardware specs were fine but practical usage showed some unfinished optimizations. That is now sorted. And then the last is the display. Though a high-quality display, it did have a very glaring blue tint to it, display calibration using third-party apps worked but then workarounds cant be called resolutions.

New display and build


We all have been there where the 13-inch screen form factor does seem portable and nice to take around with but when doing important work with multiple windows, that frustration is imminent when it comes to constant switching of apps and copy pasting. Yes and for those who really need that extra fraction of second hogged up by Alt+Tabs, back in their lives a bigger screen is a definite welcome entity. So the Surface Book comes up with a 15-inch model this year.

Surface Book 2 display

The book rocks a 4K display at 3240 x 2160 resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio. The unique hinge paired with a magnesium finish gives the book a unique high-quality premium feel. The trackpad is large although not as big as the MacBook ones.

The keyboard was already a star with the original Surface Book. Microsoft didn’t want to mess with anything on that as it was already winning all points. The key travel is full and the tactile feedback is very satisfying. It’s a good feeling when typing in the Surface Book 2.

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Now as a vocal enthusiast, I have severely displayed my disappointment on the trend of disappearing ports. Yes we should move on and that’s the future but then don’t we all love our old ports. That’s some common ground everyone would agree on. So unlike Apple, Microsoft takes a rather conventional approach where it gives us a mix of both new and old.

Surface Book 2 ports

The 2017 Surface Book has 2 USB 3.1 ports, an SD card reader, and the inclusion of new USB C ports. It does have the proprietary surface connector but you can charge your laptop through USB C too. Now it doesn’t have a Thunderbolt port so no additional GPUs can be added.



The Surface Book 2 is a very powerful laptop that holds good for not only productivity tasks but high-end gaming too. For the first time, the Surface Book incorporated the latest quad-core i7 and a dedicated discrete graphics card I.e the NVIDIA GTX 1060 for the 15 inch version and the NVIDIA GTX 1050 for the 13 inch one. The support for the Xbox one controllers also adds into the compelling choice of considering this laptop for serious gaming.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Resource-hungry games like Destiny 2 can be played at 50 FPS with native resolution and with a bit of tweak at 60 FPS. Using the tablet mode for designers and content creators is a charm as the Surface Book 2 also supports the Surface Pen and the Surface Dial. They cling well on the side and with the added battery on both the dock and the screen, you don’t need to think of running out of juice while using it in tablet mode.

With the introduction of the 15-inch model and inclusion of the latest GTX 1060, plus with a 4k removable touchscreen, coupled with the surface pen and dial, Microsoft made it a lot tougher for Apple to place a high bid on the MacBook Pros. Microsoft seems to be really upping its game and is going strong.

What do you think about the Surface Book 2? Is it any good? Let us know in the comments section below!

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