Telegram reportedly fixed malicious attacks caused through animated stickers


Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging apps in recent times. It has become an alternative messaging app for many ever. Since WhatsApp had made new norms for its policy, which is held for now, due to the outrage caused. Many users have opted for Telegram primarily because it isn’t owned by Facebook. And is considered to be safe and encrypted after WhatsApp. Another effective alternative has been Signal for many too. The popularity of Telegram has been so evident that even the messaging platform has also introduced a new way to migrate all WhatsApp chats Telegram quite swiftly across platforms (Both iOS and Android).

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And now, a researcher from IT security firm Shielder has discovered vulnerabilities in the Telegram app in his recent research. The research took place last year, starting in January and ended in August 2020. In the process, he’d found a total of 13 vulnerabilities within the app. These vulnerabilities are said to be triggerable by a remote attacker against any messaging platform user, the researcher implies. However, the researcher further confirms that these vulnerabilities have been fixed by the company through updates during September and October, last year, as soon as they were raised by the researcher. If you’re on the recently updated version of Telegram app on your smartphone then you should be hale and healthy from these vulnerabilities.

So, what are these vulnerabilities?

Well, the vulnerabilities reported by the security researcher appear to be pretty complex to comprehend. To tell you the gist of it; it suffices to say that it involved Telegram’s animated stickers feature. The stickers introduced on the app are usually utilized in conversations: be it the normal chats or secret chats. Exploiters could use malicious stickers on any Telegram users. This allowed them to obtain private messages and other media items from the conversations including photo and videos. Current Telegram users, however, need not worry about these vulnerabilities since they have been fixed already, according to the researcher, provided if you have been updating the app for the past four months as the updates rolled out.

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All in all, Telegram has been able to fix the bugs/vulnerabilities in time as reported by the security researcher, which is a good thing. The messaging platform has been adamant about security now more than ever. And, the researcher further explains the messaging app has introduced an interesting way to prevent such malicious attacks through stickers by verifying and parsing them before they’re opened in the chat. To know more about the conducted research and how Telegram has fixed them, feel free to check out the researcher’s detailed report on the vulnerabilities in the source link provided below.

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