Switching to a video call from an ongoing voice call just became easier with Google Duo!

Google Duo

If you use the Google Phone app and are fond of video calling then we have a good news for you. Google has finally come up with a much-needed integration using which you can switch from an audio call to a video one. The video call will obviously be done through Google Duo and the ‘video call’ button will instantly do it for you. 

This integration had been done a long time ago but it has now become visible through the ‘video call’ button. It is easily accessible and this is definitely a good news for everyone involved. 

The process of switching is quite simple as you just need to press the button. Your phone’s camera will be activated as Duo starts a video call with the receiver. However, the video call will only be active if the receiver’s phone is unlocked. Your ongoing voice call will be disconnected as the video call begins.

Starting a video call through Duo during an ongoing voice call

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There is no clicking or beeping sound to confirm that your video call has been activated, so the recipient will have to watch his phone screen consistently to ensure that it is happening. The transition is almost perfect and doesn’t seem to be buggy as it happens quickly and easily. You can do good by informing the other person in advance if you’re going to use this feature in an ongoing call.

Call log entries when you use Google Duo during a voice call

This new feature will add two entries to your Call Logs – one as a voice call and the other as a video call. The feature has been rolled out recently and might take some time to show up on your device. Of course, the feature is only available for you if you use the Google Phone app.

So, be patient and enjoy what Google has in store for you! Have you received this feature already? Are you satisfied with this integration? Let us know in the comments section below!

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