Survival Game from Xiaomi is now live on Mi Apps Store

After a long period of teasing its users, Xiaomi has finally made its Survival Game live. The Chinese giant had announced last year of its plans to enter the Battle Royale genre with its own in-house game. Enter Survival Game, the most naive name that one could come with. Well, apart from the jokes and the SEO branding, the game is finally here.

Xiaomi Survival Game

Survival Game is a battle royale game, where players will have to compete with each other and be the last one standing. Each match starts with players flying from the spaceship onto a map area. Players could decide when and where to land on the battlefield. All resources are searched and retrieved from the map, and players can fight with their competitors at any time. The last one standing will be the winner.

Designed for the Indian market

As described by Xiaomi in the description for the game, Survival Game is specifically developed for the Indian market. Honestly, I take offense in that, since the game looks like a cheap copy. It adds sci-fi elements that seem quite unnecessary, and the gameplay looks basic at best. It is bound to attract a lot of users in the beginning for sure, though I doubt how many will stick around. With the kind of features both PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have been rolling out, Xiaomi will need to come up with a pretty solid gameplan. We’ve also had Activision test out its Call of Duty: Legends at War, and that received a warm welcome. With the final version expected to go live soon, Xiaomi will have yet another player in the field to compete against. What remains to be seen is which game will actually stand in the final circle.

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How to install Survival Game on your phone

For the time being, Xiaomi’s Survival Game is available only on the Mi App Store, which comes pre-installed on Xiaomi phones. To install it on your Xiaomi device, just open up the Mi App Store and search for Survival Game. Thereafter, it is a simple download of roughly 185MB. The installation will commence on its own, and you should be able to play the game quite easily. 

Well, now that the game is available for download for everyone, will you be trying out Xiaomi’s Battle Royale game? Let us know in the comments down below along with your experiences about the game.

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