Surface Phone by Microsoft. Is it a Myth or Reality?

Foldable device by Microsoft

Remember the days of T9 enabled flip phones when pocket PC was a very new concept and all the hype was to see windows like form factor on a hand held device? Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s were the bleeding edge of smartphone tech at the time. We have long wanted to see the phones to not only look like a Windows machine but even operate like one. After the demise of Windows Phone 8 and 10, there is very little hope that windows might be able to surface back on mobile devices. But the latest rumors, do leave some scope for speculation and it makes us want to believe that Windows Phone might make a comeback with the historically successful Surface brand line up of Microsoft. 

The allegedly hyped Surface Phone, called Andromeda has been making rounds in the rumor mill for years. There has been constant speculation on Microsoft secretly working on a unified device that might be able to run the entire x86 lineup of apps that are meant for desktop computing. Despite claims from Microsoft stating that there would be no production aligned to Windows Mobile platforms, we have some solid evidence of a new device under the wraps that is yet to be disclosed at Microsoft. 

Andromeda OS - Microsoft

Sources say that Microsoft is working on a foldable tablet that is codenamed Andromeda. Two important internal projects are going on. One is named Cshell and the other is Windows Core OS. Windows Core OS will run along with Windows 10 operating system and Cshell will take advantage of the foldable display that is allegedly part of the tablet form factor.

The reason we are calling it a phone is because of its foldable dual-diplay, where it folds into a phone. Also the tablet has calling capabilities i.e its own antenna thats works on GSM networks. It is highly likely that the device would run on ARM and it would house a Snapdragon processor, the latest one at the time. More evidence point to the existence of Andromeda is by the number of patents filed by Microsoft in Foldable display technology. 

Surface Phone by Microsoft

The target demographic for this device definitely won’t be at the Android or iPhone space. Microsoft is definitely looking to carve out a new market for a unique type of device. The device would be putting Microsoft Ink to the forefront of its experience where it will rely heavily on Note taking applications like One note and notepad. The device certainly would run UWP apps but were yet not clear if they will run Win32 apps as well. 2018 seems to be the target for Microsoft to launch the device, but then again all of this information must be taken with a grain of salt, since Microsoft didnt announce an official launch for a new device, so this device might get canceled too.

But then again having a digital notebook with a foldable screen that have telephonic capabilities and running Windows 10 that allows win32 apps along with UWP is a pretty sweet deal. 

Things look optimistic and I’m optimistic that this would be received by good numbers, since the surface line up has been a huge hit for Microsoft. Let me know your thoughts on the same. 

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