Stuffcool WB110 10,000mAh power bank with wireless charging launched in India at ₹3,799

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A Power Bank proves to be our saviour in a lot of situations when we need a quick battery refill for our devices. Stuffcool, a leading Indian tech accessory brand is here to tackle this situation in a better way by introducing a wireless Power Bank. 

Stuffcool WB110 Wireless Power Bank: Features 

The new Stuffcool WB110 Wireless Power Bank which the company is touting to be the most advanced wireless Power Bank ever! The company has priced the WB110 at ₹3,999 but as per the introductory offer, you can get it for ₹3,799. It is available for sale on, and Note that Stuffcool offers 6 months warranty period on its WB110 wireless power bank. It’s the industry standard.  

The WB110 is equipped with a QI certified 5W/7.5W/10W Wireless Fast Charging Protocol. Along with that, the Power Bank comes with a USB Type C port with PD18W and a USB A Port which is QC3 compatible. This means that you can super-fast charge two devices at the same time. Since the Power Bank comes with QI certification, you can simultaneously charge your device and the power bank. For safety, you get features like Auto Cut-Off, Over Voltage Protection and Over Current Protection.

The company claims that its power bank is lighter when compared to other power banks, as per the brand. It further claims to offer a premium build quality. Its textured body is supposed to give a firm grip while holding a power bank in one hand. There is an LED indicator, which helps you check the remaining battery capacity on the powerbank.  

What are your thoughts about the new Stuffcool WB110 Wireless Power Bank? Let us know in the comments.

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