Smartron review: for the track and the party

Technology is shrinking by the day. From big-ass desktop computers to smartwatches, the size of chips has become smaller by the day. In fact, the wearable category has a clear dichotomy at play: at one end you have something as expensive and pristine as the Apple Watch and on the other side you have something as affordable as the Xiaomi Mi Band.  

Today we take a look at such a fitness band from Smartron, a company born in India. 

Design and Display: your typical monochrome display

The Smartron is one of the most unique looking smart bands with a two-tone design. The top part of the main device is a tall black LED display and the bottom part is a touch-sensitive metal pad. The display is a 128x64p resolution screen sporting a diagonal size of 0.96-inches. The main body is rectangular in shape and is built from plastic. There are metals accents which definitely add a bit of class to it. The bottom side hosts an array of sensors along with four plates for charging. Interestingly, it is one of the very few smart/fitness bands that charges using a magnetic dock instead of a USB port.

The band/strap situation on the is also quite impressive. There are very few smart bands that let you change straps, enough for it to not look sporty. While this one comes with a silicone I-listen-to-rocky’s-speech-every -morning kinda band, but also gives you the option of switching on to suave looking leather straps. These are also connected like a standard watch which is why the look completely changes with different bands. Also as an introductory offer, the comes with one leather strap which should be plenty variety for most.


The Smartron has the standard features found in every other smart band like steps tracker, heart rate monitor, distance, and a sleep quality tracker. It also comes with lifestyle features like an alarm, notification mirroring, reminders and alerts for long durations of inactivity by the user. You can also get some features when connected to a smartphone like notifications for calls and messages. There is also a preview for messages so that you can quickly take a peek at what messages you’ve received.

The’s abilities are enhanced even more with the companion app. Once you pair with the app, you can view all the test results and numbers on your phone and at any point of time you can go back and check all your previous numbers. This will come in handy both for your reference and also for doctors in order for them to quickly understand your status.

What makes it unique

The fitness band industry is crowded already and most of the features mentioned above can be found on the majority of them, but then what makes this one unique?

Well, the along with all the other functions – has the ability to calculate your ECG using ECG Electrode and Blood Pressure using PWTT Method. Is this data even relevant for daily use? If you don’t think these terms are important to you, then they probably aren’t as important in daily use cases. This type of data is generally useful for people who’ve crossed their 40s and are more prone to health issues. Or, for people who are suffering from a chronic disease need to check this data regularly. Others are barely going to use hence don’t consider these two features as your reason to buy this.

Coming to the battery life, the only lasted me about two days when all the features were frequently used. The standby time was kinda great and it lasted me about five days on casual use. The unit inside is a 100mAh and is on the higher side of the battery sizes when it comes to fitness bands.

The t.Health app

The app is a rather well-designed application and mostly does as advertised. You can view all your data on it in a very well laid out format. So the dashboard shows you the connection status, your health index based on all your results, your daily steps, calories burned etc. All your activity, sleep data, and heart data all sit on another well laid out page. Then there is all the ECG and Blood pressure data along with consumer understandable interpretation of this data like what state are we in, or what is the stress level etc.

All in all, you get a seamlessly connected companion app and it definitely feels competent.

Should you buy it?

Let’s look at the price of some of the fitness bands like the Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei. All the options cost somewhere around Rs 1000, but these are just fitness bands and too sporty to be used anywhere else.

The costs about three times the price of its alternatives, but that isn’t exactly the most unreasonable price tag. This Smartron band doe looks classier than most and also gives you the ability to completely play with the look. This is a product that you can use in any situation and looks more like a modern watch than a fitness band.

The costs Rs. 4,999 and at this price, it is a comparatively expensive accessory. If you just want a simple fitness band then you should go for an inexpensive option. But if you want function and don’t want to compromise on style then the is a good buy.

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