Which smartphone company will be the successor to the giant companies like Apple and Samsung in future?


For years we’ve had many companies try to push forward the next generation of smartphone. They have added new features and removed others that may at the time had not been properly implemented. However, there has been one company that from out of the blue seems to have been quietly observing the tides and flow of the market and successfully implemented their statistical information in creating what would set the change in direction of smartphones as we know it.

Huawei’s first appearance in the United States was with the Huawei Ascend, a phone that at its time, was little to be desired compared to its competitors. Yet with each generation of smartphones, Huawei has taken that of which they find useful or appealing to the customer and carried it over to each reiteration of a phone.

The Huawei Honor 8 is no different in this practice from its fingerprint reader’s location to the custom themed Android OS EMUI. Huawei has taken bit and piece from its phone’s predecessors along with concepts borrowed from other smartphone manufacturers to create a phone that is not only a beautiful and elegant device to own but also an affordable one that can keep up with the pricier flagship devices.

The Custom Firmware used on the phone is reminisces of iOS to make it a smooth transition for iPhone users yet it doesn’t stray too far to make it unfamiliar to Android OS users with the ability to set an app drawer and add customizations such as themes for both the lock screen and icons. The dual camera set up, which was borrowed from their very own Huawei P9, has a monochromatic sensor for detail and a separate color sensor that renders truly amazing and crisp results.

I would have to state that for a phone in its price range it truly produces astonishing photos, more or less on par with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The added features of the camera provided through system updates have left me speechless from the addition of Electronic Image Stabilization to a feature similar to that of Apple’s very own Live Photos. I have yet to find a smartphone camera with such a robust array of features on other smartphones.

Huawei’s ambition does not end there as the phone also comes equipped with their own in-house manufactured processor, the Octa-Core Kirin 950 paired with a Mali-T880 MP4, which makes the entire experience with the phone a breeze. Gaming is not an issue with the hardware provided on this device. I’ve experienced little to no lag during gameplay compared to other flagship devices such as the LG G5 and the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S7.

It was a big splash Huawei has made with its Honor branded devices and I can definitely see the company strive to make even bigger headlines in the future.

By – Alexander 

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