Simple DIYs that you can try instead of selling your old phone off!

Old phone

    So you just got yourself a new smartphone, and you are wondering what you should do to the old one. Maybe you can sell it, but should you? There are plenty of reasons NOT to sell it, so let’s check them out.


    At retail, say you got your phone for $450. Due to the magic of depreciation, it would be hard to get more than $250 for it after a bit over a year. If you are like me, you have maintained your phone properly, and for this reason alone, you would think your device is worth $350. It just is not, which is something I had to learn the hard way.

    After such time period, you can get a new one for a little over $300, let alone a used one. This is because of a new model launching, or better phones launching for the same price. This is the problem, we just cannot keep up with the companies and every phone they make.

Selling old phone

    You will end up with one phone, regretting the fact that you sold the other for a really poor price, way less than it means to you. You would not want to end up with one phone when you do not have to. Keep reading to find out why.

Have a Spare Device

    You never know what could happen to your new phone. Maybe it would crack, break, or have any problems. You will need a device to use while it is getting fixed. Your old phone is perfect for such job. That is because of 2 things in my opinion.

    The first is that you are already used to it, with no learning curve. You already know the tweaks and settings on your old phone. You already know how to use it, and probably still have some of your data on it.

Spare phone

    The second is that it will make you appreciate the goodness of the phone you have now. This can contribute to making your phone last longer since your phone will feel fresh for longer.

Backup Device

    This is especially useful for iPhone users, as the backup and restore function is very easy to do. iTunes makes it very easy for you backup and restores your phone. You can easily move your data from and to your iPhones very easily.

Old phone as backup

    You can also use it a low-capacity hard disk, where you can keep some data off of your computer or your new phone. This works best if it is an Android, as you can drag and drop files on it from your PC.

Change it’s Use Completely!

    There are many things you can turn an old smartphone or tablet into. That is possible with Android devices, due to their flexibility and compatibility with various software enhancements and changes. Something as simple as an app can turn your phone/tablet into a car head unit. However, there is a lot more you can do.

  Car Head unit

     As I mentioned, your old phone can easily replace a car head unit. While it would lack Bluetooth streaming capabilities, it can do a lot. You do not even need to be professional to do such job. As I also said, an app can replace your home screen, and change it into a car based system.

    From there you can map each button on the screen to open a certain app. For example, a Map button can be used to open an app such as Sygic Navigation, which is a great app for navigating around. While it might not have the most up-to-date maps, it works offline. This is especially useful when it is to be used in a car, where the device does not have internet access.

    The way it works is simple, you download the maps that you need, according to your geographical area, and that is it. It just works by your location afterward. There are many alternatives to it, but Sygic seems to be the most popular and well-known.

Car Head unit

    You can also add some commands to your phone such that it only powers on when there is power. This means that your phone will start with your car if you plug it into the 12V Power Outlet in your car. It will also power off automatically, making it very convenient.

    If it is old enough, you can remove the whole lock screen altogether. This can start the phone immediately with the launcher. Other buttons can be programmed to your music, audio settings, or whatever you would want.

    Slowly, you will see your system get along. If you want to, you can hardwire the phone to the car, and go very deep and advanced. However, the average person would just be enough with using a phone mount in a proper position and connect the device to the car via AUX.

 A Dedicated Universal Remote Control

    This is very simple to do and can come with great benefits. If your phone had an IR blaster, then it’s all great. If not, you can get ones that plug into the 3.5mm audio jack.

    Once that is done, you can get an app with the right function. One app can control every device in your house. This can be the TV, receiver, Air Conditioner, and any device that came with a remote control. From that expensive speaker to that cheap laser light projector you got for Christmas. It would all work.

    It would work in any house, which can be a great tool for pranking your friends. You can also set it to open the app as soon as it is powered on or unlocked. It would be your new home screen, and you can remove the lock screen.

Phone as remote

    The result would be that once you press the home button or the power button when the phone is off, it turns on to reveal the remote control UI. When the phone is on, pressing the home button can be set to do nothing. The power button does the obvious, turns the display off. The settings can really be set according to your preference.

The Sky is your limit!

     You can do whatever comes to your mind with an old Android phone. The only limit is your imagination, so get creative. Look at parts of your daily life, and see what can be done with a phone to help improve them.

    Each of us has their own ideas, and many people decide to put on the internet. I just told you about two of them, and a plethora of ideas are out there on the internet. YouTube would be a great place to start researching ideas.

Ideas for using old phone

    Once you have found the way you want to use your phone, look for tutorial videos. An Android device is a DIYer’s dream, and many people on YouTube can help you do whatever is in your mind. If tutorial videos do not do you any help, look for blog posts to help you. Try to go for the bigger, more trusted websites, and always read reviews before downloading or installing any new thing.

So, are You Selling your Old Phone?

     If the answer to that is still a no, then you are probably not into customization and DIY. That is OK though, not everyone is. If you are thoroughly convinced that you want to sell phone after reading this, then go ahead, you have nothing to lose or regret.


    Are going to sell your old phone? If that is a no, what are you going to do with it? Make sure to let me know in the comments below, I would love to know what your plans are!

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