Should OnePlus 5 release an immediate flaghsip or wait for OnePlus 6?

OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 has been with us for four months and has shown itself as one of the most powerful smartphones we have ever seen! All this at a lower price than flagship devices that provide similar specs for double the price.

The next flagship of the OnePlus 5

In recent weeks, numerous leaks on an alleged OnePlus 5T have surfaced showing an 18:9 display and a mostly bezel-less screen that is more up to date than the current design on the OnePlus 5.

However, with the OnePlus 5 already released and with its reputation and sales positive, would it be clever to release such an update so soon after release? Last year, OnePlus released the 3T a few months after the OnePlus 3 and this was met with some skepticism as the upgrade was only modest at its best.

This was OnePlus’ way to improve their phone and by stopping production of the OnePlus 3 they were able to focus on the 3T which retained its Flagship name until the OnePlus 5 was released. This year’s leaks point to a complete change in design and they should not be taken for granted as they look quite similar to the OPPO F5 leaks and the design of OPPO and OnePlus devices is always quite similar (The OPPO R11 and OnePlus 5 were almost carbon copies of each other design wise).

OnePlus 5 and its twin, Oppo R11

One aspect of the possible upgrade is that they can follow one of 2017’s most popular smartphone trends and supply the phone with an 18:9 display and with a thinner, more modern profile. This puts them at an advantage seeing as somewhere at the beginning, put off by the 1080p screen they supplied on the OnePlus 5. Even if OnePlus chooses not to upgrade the screen resolution, it becomes more attractive to a potential buyer as it can be viewed as a worthy update.

The OnePlus 5 shipped with a Snapdragon 835, which is to date Qualcomm’s flagship processor with the rumored 845 only getting released next year. The OnePlus 5 already pushes the limit for the processor and ships in 6 and 8 GB RAM variants, meaning there is no space for a RAM upgrade before the 5T can be released. The 3300 mAh battery of the OnePlus 5 will most probably be retained and the same can be said for the camera hardware as was the case with the 3T.

My opinion is that they should wait for next year and release the OnePlus 6 as they would be able to produce a worthy upgrade to the already great OnePlus 5 which already provides enough bang for the buck and stellar specs to retain its position as the flagship phone of OnePlus’ line up of smartphones.

By releasing a new phone next year they can provide an upgraded specs sheet that doesn’t only account for a change in design, but an overall update in their hardware to battle it out against 2018’s flagship devices.

Do you agree with my evaluation? Let me know and stay tuned for more such content on The Mr. Phone!

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