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White Pixel 2

Yesterday we pondered over the screen burn-in issue in the Google Pixel 2 XL and today we are here with yet another news about the new Pixels. There has been a delay in the shipment of the white Pixel 2. While the smaller phone is facing lesser issues than its predecessors, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, these delays are anything but comfortable for the customers around the world.

Last year, when the old Pixels were launched, the shipment was so delayed that it felt like Google forgot to make “enough” phones. The problem is not as huge as the last time but it is a problem indeed. After the Pixel 2 XL’s issue with its P-OLED display, this delay is going to prove problematic.

Google Pixel 2

The white Pixel 2 has been in demand and when people ordered it, its scheduled shipment was supposed to be in October. Now, however, the date has been shifted to late November. A lot of people posted on different social media platforms about the issue and we are as uncertain about this scenario as you are.

Trying to compensate for this inconvenience, Google is giving out a free Live Case with each delayed white Pixel 2. The code for this free Live Case is set to reach the dissatisfied customers in a couple of days. 

What do you want to tell Google after this? Are you satisfied with the kind of services they are giving? 

Voice your opinions here and keep following The Mr. Phone for more!


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