How to share any tweets to your Snapchat story without capturing a screenshot

Snapchat story tweets

Snapchat story feature is arguably considered the true inspiration for almost any story feature you have seen on its counterparts platforms, like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Whatsapp stories and even the latest Twitter Fleets.

Most of them work individually except for Facebook and Instagram, as both of them sync accordingly to share the same story at the same time. Both of these work together because they are owned by Facebook. Such integration/collaboration is not often seen in cross platforms.

That could be changing in the future, that doesn’t mean all stories will sync across platforms — what it means is that sharing content cross platforms could be a possibility. And, Twitter and Snapchat have incited such similar features recently.

As the title suggests, in layman terms, you can now share tweets directly to your Snapchat stories. This was earlier possible, to some extent, Twitter users had to take a desired tweet’s screenshot they wanted to share. And, later crop it and then re-upload to the Snapchat story and share accordingly.

Well, that might be not the case anymore. Twitter and Snapchat are making this procedure hassle-free, and here we’re showing you how-to do that in a step-by-step process.

The process showcased here is on an iPhone through the Twitter iOS app and the Snapchat iOS app, and it should likely be the same if you’re interested in trying out on Android.

How to share tweets to your Snapchat story

  • You need to have both Twitter and Snapchat apps with latest versions installed on your iPhone/Android device, and we’re also assuming you’re logged in to your respective accounts on both apps.
  • Launch the app, and select the desired tweet, which you want to share.

Snapchat story tweets

  • After opening the tweet, you will likely see the options to comment, retweet, like and share right below the tweet.

Snapchat story tweets

  • You need to hit the share button, which will open up the share sheet, wherein you can send the tweet via a direct message or use it in your Twitter Fleets, and at the bottom, you can witness the recent apps.
  • In the recent app list, you can find the Snap Camera option, if you cannot find it — head over to the end of the apps in the share sheet, wherein you can find the Share Via icon, clicking it would further enable you to spot the Snap Camera option. Once enabled, it can be spotted at the aforementioned app list next time, when you are sharing the tweet.

Snapchat story tweets

Sharing to Snapchat

  • Moving on, after clicking the Snap Camera option, you will need to open up the Snapchat app, and you need to hit continue.
  • After hitting continue, your Snapchat app opens up to the story mode/camera mode.

Snapchat story tweets

  • Hereafter you can witness the desired tweet as a card along with the link to it at the bottom of Snapchat’s camera interface.
  • You can then use Snapchat’s features to mark or highlight any aspects of the tweet with markers. Or, add filters to it, add sounds, or you can just simply hit the camera button, which enables the ‘Send To’ button.
  • After which, you can share it as your traditional story by heading over to My Story section, or you can share it to your friends list individually as well.

Snapchat story tweets

  • The shared tweet story shows up in your Snapchat stories with a tweet to the link at the bottom. User can further swipe up to view the link.

Deleting the story

  • You can save the new tweet story or add it to another story list, or rather delete it.

Snapchat story tweets

Well, that’s about it, your tweet is now available cross-platform through the Snapchat story.

Coming to Instagram

What do you think about the new tweet sharing to the Snapchat story feature? Did you find it useful? Did you feel this step by step process hassle-free? Do let us know down below and stay tuned as this feature is likely to expand to Instagram as well. Twitter implied that they are considering bringing this to Insta stories next.

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