Come September, the month of Apple since 2009


Today marks the start of September and Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone on 12th of this month. Every year, mobile enthusiasts counts days till September for the unveiling of a new iPhone, which this year is taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater in its new Cupertino HQ. The capacity of the theater which can seat around 1000 people is less, in contrast, to last year’s 8500 capacity. I am guessing there will be fewer invites this year. Talking about invites, Apple hasn’t hinted at any specific agenda for the big date. The event invitation just reads, “Let’s meet at our place.”

apple keynote invitation

You can also view this event online and add this to your calendar.

Apple, like a few other companies, has always had its mantra in place, which always reflected on everything. Be it their products, it’s packaging, the advertisements they ran or the keynotes they hosted.

Think different

And it was their ability to think differently as a company, which lead to the smartphone market that stands today. They neither invented capacitive touch nor were they first to implement it on the phone. But, they successfully innovated and marketed the technology to a wide audience. This is the only reason why even ten years later we still have capacitive touch sitting on top of our smartphones. Much like capacitive touch, they did the same thing with the finger print sensor first introduced in iPhone 5s.

As rumors suggest, Apple is said to ditch the fingerprint sensor for facial recognition as their primary means of authentication. Now, facial recognition has been introduced by Samsung and LG in their flagship models. The real question is whether Apple could pull off this feature differently.

And if you think iPhone is too expensive for you, you can click and buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which now costs half a kidney. 😉

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