Security update fixes noise clicking issue on Pixel 2

Pixel 2

Updates are a tricky business when it comes to the smartphone market, but if there’s one company that we know for sure would never fall short on their promises, it’s Google. This is one of the biggest reasons why Google smartphones are so popular. The Google Pixels( 1&2) and the last Nexus devices have been receiving security updates regularly, and the latest one thankfully fixes a very annoying issue. Google has confirmed that the latest update will also fix the noise clicking issue.

screenshot for Pixel updates

Orrin (a Googler) revealed that the updates will fix the clicking issue as well as bring in the Saturated mode for the devices. For those wondering how to change their colour settings, keep reading. Simply go to settings>display>advanced>colours. 

Pixel colour mode

The update also includes changes regarding the UI, it will help in extending the life of the OLED display.  While the Google Pixel 2 XL was brought down with a lot of issues including screen burn-in and unsaturated pixels, this update fixes one of them. 

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