Samsung’s new technology improves battery charging up to 5 times

battery charging

The one thing that comes to our minds when we buy a smartphone is its charging power. For some, it might even be the camera or some other specification but the battery is an integral characteristic of the smartphone. Samsung is very well aware of this need its users have and it has come up with a technology that improves battery capacity. Samsung’s technology allows the graphene to expand which enhances the charging speed and the capacity of the battery. The reason behind using Graphene is that it has properties which can conduct the electricity 140 times faster than Silicon. It helps in improving the battery capacity by 5 times. 

Samsung says Graphene balls for lithium rechargeable batteries with fast charging and high volumetric energy densities,”.  It further mentioned that the material is highly suitable and a stable to build batteries. Graphene is also compatible enough to build automotive batteries. 


Earlier companies used Lithium-ion batteries which provided long battery hours. Samsung has taken a smart step forward in using Graphene balls in the batteries. This technology will reduce the battery charging time up to 12 minutes, yes you read it right. It will only take 12 minutes to charge your phone completely, say goodbye to long waiting hours to get your phone charged. The Lithium-ion batteries used to take minimum sixty minutes to charge a mobile phone, now the time is reduced by thirty-eight minutes. 

This could be the revolutionary technology phone batteries have been waiting for. 

Let us know what you think about this technology in the comment section below. Is this the change we have been hoping for?

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